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4 Easy Ways to Keep Track of Your Home Design and Remodel Ideas

Planning your dream remodel is no simple task. You want to collect every piece of inspiration, research every design option, and talk to every contractor but keeping track of it all in an easy and organized way can be very tricky. Below are 3 options for keeping track of home design and remodel ideas so you’ll never lose that picture of the perfect kitchen or the latest draft of your remodel plans!

1) A Remodel Binder or Folder

A binder or folder offers an easy and appealing way to keep all the important documents for your remodel in one place. From the moment you start researching your remodel to when the contractors leave, there will be plenty of paperwork you will need to keep organized. A folder or binder can include cut-outs of your dream designs from magazines, notes you’ve jotted down while walking around the house, and tips and recommendations passed on from friends. While many of us prefer to keep things digital these days, some prefer the substance of a physical folder.

If you do want to keep your remodel documents and inspiration totally digital, you can store your information in a folder or an app on your computer or smartphone. This will allow information to be shared quickly through email or the cloud with a friend or your contractor. It also pays to have digital backups of your plans and designs on your computer or the cloud to ensure nothing gets lost in the remodel process.

keeping track of your home design and remodel ideas

2) Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most popular sites on the web for planning and collecting ideas, whether it’s for a remodel project, birthday party, or wedding. Pinterest collects a huge range of inspiration and ideas by some of the leading players in the industry. Whatever your taste or style, you’ll find something you love. Pinterest allows you to build your own inspiration board where you can collect ideas for designs, products, finishes, materials, and appliances that you want. Because the boards are entirely online, it’s easy to share ideas and inspiration with others such as your family, your designer or your contractors.

3) Houzz

Another website that allows you to build inspiration boards is – but here, they’re called ideabooks. You can store all of “your favorite home design photos and product shots, notes, PDFs and other details of your home project”.[1] When you’re ready to start your renovation project, you can share your ideabooks by collaborating with your design build contractor to get their help choosing the essential elements for your design. You can also decide whether to allow comments and photos from others, thus receiving feedback from a wider, public audience.

4) Home Remodel Apps

There are several apps for smartphones and tablets that can help you manage information and collect inspiration for your remodel. Some apps even integrate with 3D design for remodels so you can experiment and plan your project on your smartphone or tablet before you even speak to your contractor. Apps like Home Design 3D allow you to draw your dream plans, while Tap Painter lets you switch up your color scheme with just a tap of your finger. Because apps are hosted on mobile devices, they allow you to access ideas on the run, so you can keep the inspiration for your remodel flowing whether you’re at home, at the store, or in your contractor’s office.

Finding ideas and inspiration for your remodel project should be an easy and enjoyable process. Use one of these convenient tools to capture inspiration and make keeping track of your remodel ideas easy, and then contact Gordon Reese CDesign Build for help to turn those ideas into your dream space.

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