Spring is the time to rejuvenate and renew your home, after all, the outside environment is blooming so why shouldn’t your home get a refresh too? Spring is an excellent time for an in-depth home clean, but it’s also the ideal time to spruce up your home with essential home maintenance and updates. Don’t let the spring sunshine reveal your home’s flaws, stay up to date with these essential home maintenance tips.

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1.Check for Winter Damage

As the weather warms up in spring, it’s the ideal time to check for damage caused by freezing temperatures during winter. Check pipes and outside faucets for freeze damage. Ice dams may have caused damage to chimneys, roof shingles or awnings so be sure to check for loose shingles, water damage or cracked chimneys.

2.Examine Home Exteriors

Home exteriors might not get a lot of attention during the cold winter months, but spring is the time to boost your curb appeal! Check the wood trim around windows, doors, and railings for damage or rot. See if any of the sidings, doors, or windows of your home exterior require a repair or extra coat of paint.  Also, check outside faucets for leaks and hoses for rot. You should also inspect your power equipment such as lawn mowers to make sure they are ready for summer use. Be sure any stored firewood is at least 8 inches above the ground and 24 inches from your home to reduce termite problems.

3.Clean Walls and Interiors

The interior walls, baseboards, and outlets in your home probably don’t get much attention during the rest of the year, so spring is the time to clean and inspect your home’s interiors to bring a fresh look to your home. Use sugar soap or a gentle surface cleaner and a clean cloth to remove marks, and consider repainting if surfaces are dirty or damaged.

4.Replace Filters

Your water filter, range hood filter, and central air conditioning filters can all be replaced in the spring. Ideally, these filters should be replaced every 3-6 months for optimum safety and functionality.

5.Clear Out Vents

A dryer vent clogged with lint can easily trigger a house fire. Take the arrival of spring as your cue to clean out your dryer vent, as well as other air vents around your home which can become clogged with dust and debris. Foundation vents also help to keep your home clean, dry, and free of mold and musty smells, so keep the openings clear of fallen leaves and other debris.

6.Prepare for Outdoor Entertaining

As the weather warms up through spring and summer, you’ll want to prepare for entertaining outdoors. Clean off your grill, put out outdoor dining settings, and check paved areas and porches for any damage that might need repair. Clear your yard of weeds and overgrown plants and prep your garden for new plants you want to grow in the spring.

7.Service HVAC

Your heating system works hard over winter, and your cooling works hard over summer. Spring is the perfect time for an inspection and to ensure your HVAC system sustained no damage in winter and is ready for the warmer months.

8.Think About Home Updates

When at home:

  • Do any spaces feel cramped?
  • Are you embarrassed to entertain?
  • Do you feel isolated in the kitchen with visitors?
  • Are there any safety issues that you would like to resolve?
  • Are there any projects that were promised to be addressed years ago but have not been completed?
  • Do you have any privacy issues you wish to resolve?

Spring is the ideal time to start thinking about improvements you can make to your home and plan your next remodel. Be sure to make a note of the changes you need most and discuss your ideas for a remodel with a design build contractor.

With these 8 tips you can get your home and garden in perfect shape over spring and get ready for summer entertainment and relaxation.