There are many myths about home remodeling. It’s important to have reliable, credible information. Discover the truth behind these common myths and learn how to avoid them.

If you own a home or aspire to own a home in the future, you’ve likely daydreamed about transforming it into the living space you have always wanted. When you own property, you have the freedom to reimagine your home as often and as much as you like – as long as your budget allows it. However, despite the obvious benefits of remodeling, many misconceptions are floating around about the general process. Before calling in the remodeling contractors, read up on the most common home remodeling and renovation myths.

1) “You’ll save money doing it yourself.”

We tend to believe that doing home improvement projects ourselves will save us money. After all, aren’t you saving on labor costs and up charging? Though in some cases this can be true, doing projects yourself also creates costs of its own. Depending on the type of renovation, you will likely need to purchase specialized tools, safety equipment, and building materials. If you’re under the belief that time is money, you’ll probably spend a lot more of your time on a project than a licensed contractor with decades of experience under their belt would. Furthermore, DIYers are susceptible to mistakes or accidental damage that can’t be remedied without a professional. While it can be exciting to embark on a project that is entirely yours from start to finish, it is a myth that you will always save money from doing so.

2) “Keep up to date with the latest trends.”

Many homeowners exhaust themselves keeping up with trends, believing that doing so will increase their home’s value and curb appeal. While trends certainly have their place in the housing market, they can change dramatically from year to year. For lasting aesthetic appeal, most homeowners will save a significant amount of money and appreciate the timeless beauty of their design choices if they remodel with their own tastes in mind. Incorporating classic styles with durable materials helps a home stand the test of time – so make sure to let your remodeling contractors know that you have longevity in mind.

3) “Be ready to spend if you’re going to remodel.”

Despite what you may have heard, you don’t have to save for decades or sell your organs to afford a remodel. Many people operate under this misconception that remodeling will cost an arm and a leg. Any experienced contractor will consider your budgeting needs and make suggestions and adjustments to your plan to lower the overall cost. Simple changes like new siding, fresh paint, or new flooring can be relatively inexpensive compared to more intensive remodels that completely gut the space.

4) “The value of your home will increase.”

Many remodels, and renovations will increase the value of your home – but this is not a cut and dry guarantee. Not all upgrades are attractive to buyers, which is why you have to renovate with the potential buyer in mind. Sometimes you may decide to completely renovate the space but the new owners come in and completely redo the space you just finished! If you renovate your home and take down a wall to open up space in the kitchen but remove viable cabinet space when doing so, your renovation did not necessarily add the value to your home that you anticipated it would. Renovations specific to certain hobbies–such as large aquariums or gardens that require extensive care and upkeep–may not be enticing to most buyers on the market.

Understanding the possibilities for your space is the first step to a successful home remodel. Your home deserves to be lived in and loved for all of the time you spend in it, and a remodel can pave the way towards you falling in love with your home again! You’ve got the vision in your head, the next step is hiring a reputable contractor to offer expert advice every step of the way towards creating your dream space.

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