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Home is where you find respite from the clamor of the day. It’s a place with your favorite things, that is filled with your favorite people, and the place where you grow, live, and love. If you are looking for some ideas or inspiration on what you would like to do on your next project, you have come to the right place! Feel free to look around and contact us with any questions. We are here to help!

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3d design kitchen

3D Design

Traditionally, most architects and remodeling companies work with two dimensional designs. Although this may be easy for a builder and an architect to decipher, it is not very client friendly. 3D design allows a designer to clearly show a client what their project will look like in it’s finished state. It also allows the client to see the room with the different materials and elements that they have chosen. The 3D design can also be rotated, so the client can see the room from different views and perspectives.

Our 3D Designs have been very effective in helping clients save time and money by showing them exactly what they are getting before the end of a project. It gives us the ability to analyze and measure each component individually. We can also test the stress factors and tolerances of a project before we build. This allows us to help budget the projects very accurately, and also helps the clients make decisions before the start of the projects.

  • Just a brief note to let you know we could not be happier. The team you have assembled, headed by Jeff and Ryan, could not be more professional, caring, or masterful in their attention to detail.

  • We appreciate your high quality customer service and attention to detail. Thank you!

  • The overall outcome was beautiful, it was what we expected if not more.

  • Whether it be an initial consultation or during the quoting process, and straight through the construction phase. Jeff has a great understanding of quality in design through craftsmanship.

  • I greatly appreciate the Accounts Payable process and your team getting back to me with the update we needed. We appreciate great customer service and attention to detail and you have expressed that to us with your follow-up.

  • Gordon Reese and Jeff Rexford were responsive to client concerns which arose during the construction process and managed those concerns and any others that arose throughout the construction process.

  • The communication software Gordon uses was fantastic in dealing with scheduling, pricing, and communication. I could get a question answered in a very timely manner and Gordon could keep me updated instantly.

  • The crew was very professional, hardworking, took pride in their workmanship and was great to work with. Overall, we stayed on budget, on schedule and got exactly what we had envisioned.

  • Your company has defied all propaganda about the horrors of renovations. We are beyond grateful.

  • Our guest bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and hallway turned out amazing, just as we had hoped.

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