Ensuring the kitchen is updated, modern and functional has always been a major concern to homeowners. With a reputation as ‘the heart of the home’, this is never more true than in recent years, where the kitchen has become the center of family life and informal entertaining. Here we’ve gathered the top 10 kitchen remodeling trends for 2016, focusing on stunning style, modern functionality, and flexible usage.

  1. Soft, Muted, Neutral Colors

Muted neutral colors such as off-white, cream, grey and pastels have thoroughly ousted the brighter primary colors in recent years and this trend is set to continue. Backsplashes, walls, and cabinets are popular in these less saturated tones as well, with no ‘feature’ colors, the contrast being offered instead by using different materials and textures.

  1. Metallics

One area of contrast is in the use of metallics in the kitchen – and not just the same silver tone chrome we’ve gotten used to either. 2016 is warming the kitchen with rich gold, copper, bronze, and brass colored metallics, from range hoods to faucets to light fixtures.

  1. Smart Kitchens

With technology a major part of our lives, kitchen designs are incorporating this knowledge by including charging stations and docking areas for our devices so that we can keep them handy while working in the kitchen.

  1. Creative Storage

Maximizing space and minimizing clutter is an essential part of a modern and stylish home. Space-saving pull-outs, tilt-outs, and tilt-ins help to maximize storage and free up valuable counter space which is a critical consideration in smaller homes.

  1. Integrated Kitchen Living Spaces

Open plan living remains popular as it creates a flow between rooms of the house, allowing those areas to stay connected and integrated. By combining kitchen and living spaces, the person cooking doesn’t have to miss out on the fun, and entertaining becomes a breeze.

  1. Wood Flooring

Wood flooring and tiles are still the most popular choices for kitchen flooring, chosen by 75% of kitchen builders and remodelers. Wood flooring adds a natural touch that blends perfectly with the muted, soft colors of the season.

  1. Quartz Countertops

While granite countertops have been the favorite for years, quartz is swiftly becoming the most popular choice over granite for its durability, beauty and ease of care.

  1. Traditional Meets Modern

2016 represents a crossroads of ‘old meets new’ when it comes to kitchen design, with transitional styles that give a modern take on the traditional kitchen becoming popular. Although traditional designs will always hold sway, the modern homeowner adds their own touch with clean lines, minimalistic decoration, and strategic design.

  1. Lighting

Cabinet lighting and low-voltage light strips under cabinets, counters, and shelves can really bring your kitchen to life. A skillful combination of lighting fixtures, downlights, and cabinet lighting has become popular in recent years adding lighting texture and dimension to the kitchen space.

  1. Built In Functionality

The kitchens of 2016 are about so much more than simple food preparation. With built-in pet feeders, coffee stations and wet bars, the modern kitchen can satisfy you and your families every need more efficiently than ever before.

  1. 3D Design & Design-Build Firms

Many of the remodelers today work with the design-build method and other tools such as 3D modeling. The design-build method includes designing and planning your entire project before making any physical changes to your home. This ensures that you know exactly what your job will cost, how it will look, and how it will be scheduled. When you add tools like 3D design software to this process you get a truly seamless process and are left with no surprises!

These top trends of 2016 are placing kitchens on course to make our lives more streamlined while making time at home in the kitchen more enjoyable and rewarding as well.