Welcome to Gordon Reese Design Build

A home is a place of belonging. It’s so much more than where daily tasks are carried out. Your home holds life’s most irreplaceable moments: your child’s first steps or last day of school, holiday celebrations with loved ones who are now gone—all these snapshots of memory.
We realize that a building doesn’t make a home. Relationships make a home, and we think life’s most unforgettable moments should be cherished in a beautiful space. At Gordon Reese Design Build, we’re an award-winning remodeling company that is nationally recognized for providing superior services.
We’ve stayed in the business all these years by fostering lasting relationships with our clients in the Bay Area. In fact, we’ve been in the industry for over thirty-six years.
Feel free to take a look around and let us know if you have any questions or comments. We’re ready to exceed your expectations and create your dream space!
It’s traditional for architects and remodeling companies to work with two dimensional designs. But while this may be easy for a builder or an architect to decipher, we understand it doesn’t consider the homeowner’s needs.
The beauty of 3D design is that it allows us to show you what your finished project will look like, long before we even begin to build. This extra step reduces homeowner stress and worry because it provides total clarity before moving forward.
But back to imagining your dream home… If you’re wondering what’s possible, just ask.

Slaying Your Worst Contractor Nightmares

We’ve been in the remodeling industry since 1984, so believe us when we tell you we’ve heard all the contractor horror stories over the years. To name a few:

Abandoned Projects
Costs Spiraling Out of Control
Disappearing Contractors
Jobs Gone Awry
Ugly Court Battles

We understand your concerns and we’re here to offer peace of mind.

We’ve put together the best teams of specialists, so we can continue to learn from each other and grow as a team. Our client relationships begin with trust, so we’re here to set the industry standard for superior designs and ethical workmanship. That’s our first commitment to you…

Fall in Love With Your Home


To design and remodel homes by creating dream spaces that work for all families, regardless of their age, size, ability or disability.


To make a meaningful impact on the communities we serve, leaving a lasting legacy that elevates the standards within our industry.

Our Process

Many construction companies are only concerned with landing their next project. But at Gordon Reese Design Build, we care about making sure that we’re the right company for you. That’s why our process is so different from other remodeling companies. See for yourself!

Your Dream Starts Here

Initial Phone Consultation

The first step is to discuss your project and what matters the most to you. Then we can decide if Gordon Reese Design Build is the right company for your remodel.

Design Starts

Our design team meets with you at your home to take measurements and photos. We then prepare for a conceptual design meeting that takes place online or in person.

Construction Agreement Approval

We review the finalized construction agreement, plans and pricing. With your approval, the construction process begins! We secure all permits, order materials and schedule your project.

We Break Ground – Demo Day!!

We manage all facets of your project, including permits, building department, scheduling, oversight, and quality control of our professional partners.

In-Home Consultation

If we’re a good fit, the next step is to schedule a feasibility study at your project site. This allows us to understand the specific challenges of your project and learn more about your goals.

Online Access to Your Project

You are also provided with online access to your personalized project management portal. This portal allows you to view the project schedule, make selections, exchange messages with us, see photos and plans, confirm payments, and much more.

Pre-Construction Meeting

We go through the details of the project, so you will have a clear understanding of what to expect.

Substantial Completion Walkthrough

Once the project is 95% complete, we create a final list of items to review during our walk through.

Review Meeting

We review the project scope, probable investment ranges, and the design agreement. This provides you with information to decide if starting design is the right decision.

Finalizing Design

We move through your design process and select your preferred specifications, we then provide you with high-quality, detailed renderings of your new space, so you can be 100% sure of your design decisions.

Progress Update

Not only do we have weekly meetings, but we also provide you with timely updates about your project’s progress.

Project Warranty

Your project comes with a one-year warranty. We proactively check in with you at six and eleven months to verify that you are 100% satisfied with your new dream space!