The thought crosses your mind: Maybe it’s time to start a whole home remodel. At Gordon Reese Design Build, we know the reasons for home remodeling are as varied as the projects we undertake.

The biggest hurdle for most homeowners is understanding where to begin. If this is the issue for you and your project, perhaps it’s time to step back, gather your thoughts, and apply some objectivity to the process.

Selecting the Right Contractor

Done right, your contractor will be your home improvement ally for life! Selecting the right one will make your home remodeling project a rewarding experience; choosing the wrong one can be heartbreaking – and often a costly lesson to learn.

Need to Add More Space?

Start with issues, not solutions. If major alterations or even an extension are planned, take time to reflect on what’s motivating you to change your existing space.

Think in particular of what your issues are in terms of your existing amounts of space, light, and storage. Expanding each element to its richest and most creative potential is integral to designing a home environment that fits you and your family’s needs like a glove. No matter your space and budget, there’s an optimal solution for each part of this home-design trinity.

Also, bear in mind the present and future life stages of the household members — including toddlers, young adults, and elders – and how the space you create in your home will need to respond to each.

Creating a Customized Floor Plan For Your Lifestyle

Let’s start by comparing what you have with what you want. Where are your issues related to the use of space? What pains you about your house when you get home after the work day? Itemize the areas you’d like to have available and the uses you need them to accommodate. Think of writing a brief list of requirements that your ideal home should meet.

What About New Windows, Doors, or Insulation?

If letting light in is your main concern, a glass-filled extension might seem a tempting idea. Do bear in mind that such an extension may reduce the light in your existing spaces, as well as create more surface area to keep smudge-free. Swapping out an existing door or window in a space may prove to offer more benefits than leaving the existing, as windows and doors age alongside your house and get less efficient over time. The installation of updated doors and windows can improve the environment of your home with better insulated materials.

Next – Upgrading Cabinets, Counters, Appliances, and Fixtures

2021 has given a whole new meaning to the term “staying home,” as people are working and living in the same space. When it comes to the kitchen, sticking with the latest trends like light-colored cabinets is not likely to lose its value any time soon. With cabinets, there’s more than only color and style trending. Most cabinet manufacturers have caught on to customers wanting varied storage options and more functionality from their cabinets. Installing sliding pull-outs in those pesky bottom cabinets has become increasingly popular due to how convenient they are for saving space. These pull-outs avoid you needing to get on the floor and halfway into the cabinet to find that casserole dish you haven’t used in ages.

Another option for trending improvements to your home are stainless steel appliances that will likely never go out of style. There is something very clean-looking with stainless steel appliances throughout a kitchen, especially when they are from the same manufacturer. Easy to clean too, they offer an elevated sense of style and air of sophistication to your kitchen space.

Increasing the Resale Value of Your Home

A great professional will advise you on how best to invest your money and help you avoid costly mistakes when it comes to your home. In turn, this improves the resale value of your home. The quicker you involve a professional in your project, the better — even if it’s only for a one-off consultation. We love to talk design and are always happy to speak with someone who is looking to invest in their home. Contact the Gordon Reese Design Build team for a free consultation about your home remodeling project today by calling (925) 885-3770.