The weather is warming up this summer and so will your home. Here are some ways you can help keep your cool about the heat:

1.   Invest in an efficient air conditioner. Air conditioners that don’t have to constantly be run in order to keep the house cool will save you money on your utility bill. If you haven’t upgraded your AC in a while, now may be the time to do so.

2.   Close the blinds. Direct sunlight through an open window can heat up your home faster than you would think. Dark curtains, upturning your blinds, and closing windows when it gets close to mid-afternoon can stop the heat before it sets in.

3.   Update window and door seals. Outdated or unsealed doors and windows can bring the outdoors in. Plus, the seals in your home can double up to help you keep warm in the winter!

4.   Install ceiling fans. Fans in every room can help circulate the air throughout your home, bringing your air conditioning all over the house. You can also turn these on if you don’t want to turn on your AC – which will help your utility bill!

5.   Plant trees. Not only are you giving back to the environment, but also the trees will provide shade for years to come. Trees are also a great compliment to the landscape of any home – your yard will look great and keep you cool!

Ask Gordon Reese Design Build about ways we can help you beat the heat this summer. Let us help you keep cool!