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3D Design

Have you ever imagined what your space would look like if you had it remodeled? When you picture it, is it flat, or does it have depth to it? Chances are, you envision it in 3D! That is why 3D modeling is part of our design process.

Traditionally, most architects and remodeling companies work with two dimensional designs. Although this may be easy for a builder and an architect to decipher, it is not very homeowner friendly. 3D design allows us to show you what your project will look like before we build it. Our process reduces stress knowing you won’t later regret your design decisions.

The end result is your personalized dream space that you deserve.

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Gordon Reese Design Build is an award-winning design & remodeling company, who takes an innovative approach to construction using 3-D Design while applying the most current building techniques.

We are Universal Design Certified and Aging In Place experts. Universal Design is the design technique that creates spaces to be aesthetically pleasing and usable by everyone, regardless of age, size, ability, or status in life.

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