Are you trying to come up with questions for remodeling contractors? We’re here to help. So you’re ready to remodel, perhaps only a bedroom, upgrading the fixtures in your kitchen, or maybe a whole house remodel. You’re eager to get started, but how do you choose the right remodeling contractor for the job? We’re going to explore a few essential questions you need to ask any potential hire before any expensive mistakes are made. Whether it’s a minor renovation, extension, or complete home build, one thing you can’t afford to get wrong is the contractor.

Questions For Remodeling Contractors

1) Can you itemize your bid?

If you get an itemized bid, it’ll show the costs for all of the individual elements of the job. A few of these elements include:

  •       Demolition and hauling debris
  •       Framing and finishing carpentry
  •       Plumbing & electrical work
  •       HVAC
  •       Tiling and other floor covering installations
  •       Lighting fixtures
  •       Drywall and painting

This breakdown makes it easier to compare different contractors’ prices. If you want to cut the project costs, you can quickly figure out your options. Plus, an itemized bid becomes invaluable documentation about the scope of your project, which can eliminate disputes with the details later on.

2) Is your bid an estimate or a fixed price?

Even if some contractors treat their bids as estimates, this means the cost could end up being higher in the end. Many contractors will say they can’t offer a fixed price because there may be too many unknowns with the job. While it’s true you cannot figure out the full scope of the project before you open up the walls, the right contractor can help you accommodate your budget for unforeseen costs along the way, should the need arise. If you can’t agree on the unknowns, have the contractor describe what they expect to do should they run into any setbacks during the course of your project.

3) How long have you been in business?

Finding a contractor who’s been in business in the area for 10 or more years makes them a safer bet than someone who’s either new to the area or new to the industry. As they say, experience is the best teacher, and someone who has been a part of the industry for longer has a better understanding of the supply chain and industry as a whole. While those contractors who are starting out may advertise an initially lower price, their overall cost may be more if they lack the necessary experience to provide accurate estimates for the services they offer.

4) Who are your leading suppliers?

Contractors are always networked with their suppliers. You can tap into information on your contractor’s dependability and level of quality by talking to owners of:

  •       Tile shops
  •       Kitchen and bath showrooms
  •       Lumberyards
  •       The contractors’ desk at your favorite home improvement center

Ask about a contractor’s career standing. Have they left a trail of unhappy customers in their wake if they’re reliable about paying bills? Your remodeling contractor should have no reservations about telling you where he gets his materials if he’s an upstanding customer.

5) Can I see a project you’re currently running?

Many contractors don’t actually swing hammers. They spend their days bidding on new work and managing their various jobs and workers. That makes the foreman — the one who’s working on your project every day — the most essential member of your team. Make sure you meet the lead member of the work team; these guys will be the ones doing the actual finished work.

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