In most cases, many people are under the impression that a bathroom remodel must be expensive or out of their budget; others believe it’s required to be very detailed to get stylish results. But, take the advice given by the experts: “less is more.” Here are some ways to take up the recommendation of “Less Is More.”


Make Space

Many people like a bathroom with a lot of open space, so taking the space back is a major tip most are unaware of.  A bathroom can look unique by removing an existing feature or altering it to accommodate your family’s needs. For example, you can clear a large bathroom vanity and install a simple pedestal sink, leaving you with more mobility area.   In addition, you can consider downsizing the toilet and removing some shelves from the wall. Figure out the features of your space and see if there are things you can leave out or do without. Removing those extra features will make way for future openings.  Sometimes, eliminating some of what you already have is an excellent way of remodeling.

Lighten Up

Consider the addition of recessed lighting throughout your ceiling to lighten up the room. You’ll want to think about how you’ll be using the mirror in your bathroom and whether you want aesthetic lighting or purely functional. Whether you’re applying make-up or shaving, bright light fixtures go a long way in helping you to see what you’re doing, especially when they’re placed appropriately for space. If you’d like to have the option of lighting versatility in your bathroom, consider adding a dimmer switch to the recessed lighting to personalize how much visibility you want available in your bathroom.

Places for Meds

Do you have space to recess the medicine cabinet during your bathroom remodel? Often this is a fantastic way to save a few inches of space over a shallow vanity, and the added framing typically isn’t going to break the budget. However, if you don’t want a traditional medicine cabinet, there are many stylish solutions on the market. One option is a medicine cabinet that looks like a framed photograph on your wall, opening up to reveal storage space hidden with style.

Draining Away

You’d be amazed how much gunk and hair goes down that bathroom drains. The bigger the drain, the less likely it is to clog up. The cost difference to upgrade is virtually negligible. If your framing doesn’t allow for it, you should consider increasing the drain in your shower to at least 2 inches, offering more space for wastewater–and whatever else is in it–to pass through without issue.

Slippery When Wet

Larger tiles are usually more difficult to slope properly. Unless they’re textured or rough, they’ll be slipperier due to the grout lines being farther apart when compared to smaller tile designs. Whether textured or not, smaller tiles will offer more traction. These are typically the standard for shower floors – though the options are virtually limitless.

Color Pop

Ever thought of adding trim around your bathroom? It can punch up the entire look and inject a pop of color where you might not have anticipated it. You can add a simple tile trim, vibrant wallpaper, or simply paint an accent wall. Speak with a team member to see what color will look best and what material will add the most value.

Out of Sight

Think about installing a vanity with drawer storage rather than doors. Drawers are easier to gain access to and offer more options for organization. In addition, they can be cut out around the plumbing and extra-large to accommodate more oversized items.

Inside Out

Why not utilize window treatments that let light in or add a new window altogether. You’ll be surprised at the lighter, airier, and more open feel of your bathroom once you allow more natural light in.

If your bathroom doesn’t border on an area where a window can be added, fake it. Try adding plants to brighten the room substantially, and they also freshen up the air. Even artwork that mimics the look and feel of nature will inject a spa-like element into your bathroom.

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