Here are five tips for creating the best kitchen layout for entertaining so that you can host your next dinner party with ease! If you are a homeowner who entertains often, then you know how important it is to be a gracious host whose guests feel at home. In addition, you probably realize how the right kitchen setup can make your dinner parties or get-togethers fun, relaxed, and successful. If you are considering a new kitchen layout but are not sure where to start, look no further. 

5 Tips to Create the Best Kitchen Layout for Entertaining

Tip 1: Create a layout that encourages conversation

If you have a spacious kitchen or the potential for one, a great way to encourage conversation is to set up the party table in a separate but proximal space from the cooking area. This can be accomplished by separating a kitchen and dining space if you have an open layout. Or, if you have a large kitchen but a small dining room, you can think about moving a wall to split the difference. Have a large kitchen but no dining room at all? You can also install a wall or divider to designate a dining space in your kitchen.

This will keep the kitchen noise away from the party and give your guests an intimate place to relax. This will also allow you to focus better on food preparation or finishing touches while your guests enjoy themselves.

Tip 2: Efficient appliance layout

The stove and refrigerator should be located in such a way to ensure that you are not running back and forth across your kitchen. Having your appliances properly placed is a primary goal of a great kitchen design, especially when entertaining.  

Tip 3: Include an island if you have room 

An island can be the perfect addition to your next party. It includes more counter space and storage, and it can be used as a food and/or drink buffet. It can also be an extra place for some guests to sit and chat if you need the room.

Tip 4: Consider setting up a full bar area or a buffet

If you like to host family/buffet style or include a variety of drinks as part of your soirees, setting up a designated bar area is one of the best ways to accomplish this. A bar will allow people to be near the food and drink without being in the way, and it can enable you to put everything in one, accessible place. A bar area or buffet can be accomplished by installing a long counter along one wall or an island with added seating.

Tip 5: Maximize storage to avoid clutter

The best kitchen layout for entertaining purposes should also include plenty of storage for your everyday appliances and utensils as well as your partyware. You may want to use a corner of the room for storing extra tableware in a large pantry or walk-in pantry. Another option is to move some appliances if you want more counter space. This can be accomplished by installing your microwave in a cabinet or above the stove. That way, you have more room to entertain, and your kitchen looks tidy for your guests.

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