Transform and brighten up a drab kitchen with new cabinets, new paint, and a whole lot of creativity.As one of the Bay Area’s leading remodeling contractors, we understand that no matter your lifestyle, a remodeled kitchen can be the perfect place to unwind after a long week or to entertain guests over the weekend. If you feel your kitchen needs a facelift or some brightening up, we’ve put together some ideas to turn your drab into fab!

Brighten Up a Drab Kitchen

1) Repaint or Replace Your Cabinets

Choosing a lighter color in favor of dark, outdated kitchen cabinets will instantly brighten a space and also make it appear larger in size. Light colors also reflect light and are excellent camouflage for scratches, dings, and dents in older cabinetry. If your cabinets are aging and appear dated, it may be worth it to replace them entirely.

2) Replace Cabinet Doors

That’s right- keep the cabinet box and replace the doors! There are many styles to suit individual aesthetics, and new doors will surely give your space a sleek, contemporary look. Also, consider glass doors or open shelving to show off those fabulous dining pieces you’ve been hiding away! This is a look remodeling contractors love.

3) Repaint the Walls

Dark colors absorb light, whereas lighter colors reflect it. This is why white walls are a common choice in homes – especially if the room does not have a lot of natural light. Painting the walls in your kitchen to a lighter color can brighten the look and provide a nice contrast to the darker elements in the space.

4) Add Crown Molding

Your new kitchen might scream that you spent tons on custom cabinets but missed the detail of crown molding. This adds extra personality and updates a look instantly. Remodeling contractors can help you choose the best option. If your cabinets don’t reach your ceiling, you can also add some lighting strips behind the molding to brighten up your kitchen’s existing space and increase the options for customizing it further!

5) Consider New Countertops

A dark countertop will never fail to make everything else in the kitchen seem dark, as the countertops are often used to contrast a cabinet’s wood or the kitchen’s wall colors. Giving the kitchen a bright accent will make the room appear brighter and more lively.

6) Change the Lighting

Lighting fixtures can be the perfect accessory to your space. Lighting not only brightens a room but can enhance the mood of the area. Recessed lighting can add a gorgeous touch of luxury to your kitchen. And not just on the ceiling. Consider placing strategic lighting where the source isn’t necessarily visible – like under the edges of countertops. The effect is stunning and paints the space with a relaxing, soft light – a real wow factor.

7) Style and Accessorize

Adding a great centerpiece on the island like some fresh flowers or a new fruit bowl on the breakfast table can add a pop of color and character to the space. Style until your heart is content, but remember: keep it clutter-free! The kitchen still needs to function for daily use.

8) Window Treatments

There is nothing more uncomfortable than a naked window. Adding a new shade to soften the space with fabric can be a stylish and functional upgrade. Consider adding curtains or blinds for some added privacy and customization of the lighting level within the kitchen.

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