Magnificent Mid-Century Masterpiece

Cramped Space & Outdated Fixtures Transformed into Dream Home

Your home is where your heart resides, and your favorite memories are created; it is a place of belonging and joy. When Gordon Reese Design Build began their design brief for this uninspired existing ranch home, the team wanted to ensure they captured the clients’ goals of improving the level of light and transforming the space to a mid-century modern style.

The homeowners vision required a complete transformation, which included constructing an open concept kitchen and living room, removing all traditional styling, installing modern finishes, new flooring, and windows throughout. Bringing their home into the 21st century was a must for these clients. Their dream was to have a modern, open-concept design with plenty of space to entertain, complete with a bold and elegant overall feeling they could call home.

The Vision

Our goal was to present an elegant and cohesive overall design that captured all our clients desires. We succeeded by creating a mid-century masterpiece, even amidst a global pandemic. Indeed, the entire home was transformed, including the kitchen and dining room, all three bedrooms, both bathrooms, the entry, living, and family rooms.

We also included wi-fi-controlled custom lighting, a complete redesign of both bathrooms, and an open floor plan to connect the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The master bath now boasts amazing citrus wallpaper and gold accent finishes.

A Concept That Brought to Life Vivid Characters and Moments

Our 3-D renders featured a brand-new layout, fresh colors, new lighting, covert appliances, and a mid-century modern aesthetic to marry the spaces together.

Project Highlights – Room by Room

The Entryway

Regal fir front doors, a beautifully tiled entryway, and a spectacularly decorated interior transports the guests and owners of this residence into a lovely dream space. An impeccable sense of style and taste in decor show all who cross the threshold a home that will inspire lasting memories

The Kitchen

Working closely with our clients yielded their perfect kitchen. We transformed the kitchen by removing walls which created a seamless space, perfect for cooking and entertaining.

Initially, the kitchen was cramped and isolated, with little to no room for storage or movement. Now this custom kitchen is bright, spacious, and elegant. Porcelain countertops and a matching backsplash bring the space together. A paneled dishwasher and pull-out cabinetry fashionably combine form and function.

Master Suite

Not only was there no bathroom privacy, which is a typical design feature in homes of this era, but the bedroom also lacked the styling our clients desired. By transforming this cramped master bathroom into a bold, bright, and eye-catching space, our clients now enjoy a nurturing space that gives a new energy to the start of their day.

The bedroom ambiance and feel were enhanced with tasteful lighting, ceiling fan and colors. Now our clients enjoy a master suite that delivers on many levels..

Guest Bathroom

The existing traditional style bathroom was upgraded with new plumbing fixtures, tile and lighting to create a modern oasis.


This often overlooked aspect of interior design was given a completely new modern styling.

Final Thoughts

Working closely with our clients yielded a project that achieved their goals of a warm, comfortable, open concept home with mid century modern design.

The custom designs & artwork allows their personal touch to be seen throughout the house, emphasized in the office.

A modern, open-concept home was born. The formal elements of this home are showcased throughout their home, genuinely tying together this extensive & carefully designed transformation.

At Gordon Reese Design Build, our award-winning team understands how to transform your home into a place that functions optimally for you and all your family members, regardless of age, size, or ability. With over 38 years in business, we help you create your dream space.

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