Clues Your kitchen is outdated if it’s missing these features. Here’s what you need to know before you renovate your kitchen.
Are you considering a kitchen remodel? When was the last time you took a hard, analytical look at your kitchen space’s design? When did you last ask yourself: Is there a sense of organization through each section? Does my kitchen storage system promote access to everything I need? Does this room allow the space for me and my family to prepare and cook meals comfortably? Are there any barriers or walls that are hindering the kitchen’s functions?

A kitchen remodel might be in the cards if you frowned at any of the questions above. Check out our list of telltale clues that your kitchen is outdated and in need of a redesign!

Clues Your Kitchen is Outdated If…

There is Never Enough Space

Your cabinets are overstuffed, your countertops are cluttered with appliances, and you have little counter space to prepare food. If you find yourself in a kitchen that feels restrictive, it is likely that your layout and cabinets are not maximized to make the best use of your available space. A carefully planned kitchen remodel with a redesign can significantly open up more storage space and increase the surface area you have to cook with.

Your Kitchen Lacks Ventilation

You’ll know when you walk into an outdated kitchen because you’ll be able to smell it. Especially in kitchens that lack ventilation, food smells can cling to every surface and be very difficult to eliminate. Weak fans, small windows, and burned-on buildup all contribute to accumulating odors. In addition to gummy garbage disposals and carpets, these are all signs that your kitchen is in desperate need of an update. You deserve to feel like your home can grow and flow with you and your family–the kitchen is the heart of the home! Don’t hold out on making those few small improvements that drastically improve the function of your home.

Your Caulking is Cracked or Discolored

Nothing makes a house feel old like literal decay. Cracked and discolored caulking is not only a visual eyesore, but the cracks can gather crumbs, moisture, bacteria, and even begin to grow mold. Even a small detail like new caulking can make your space look fresh, clean, and well taken care of.

Your Kitchen Lacks a Cohesive Design

If every appliance is mismatched, the kitchen is lacking a color scheme, or seemingly random appliances are being haphazardly displayed with no organizational pattern, a kitchen can feel like a dumping ground for ingredients and tools. You don’t have to sacrifice design for functionality! Utilizing the space your home offers you with a kitchen redesign can improve your enjoyment of the space tenfold by offering aesthetic appliance storage that’s convenient for the whole family. You deserve to live with a clutter-free kitchen!

Your Kitchen is Dim

It truly is amazing how something as simple as maximizing light in a room can make it feel astronomically bigger and cleaner. Having more varied light not only makes a space feel larger, but offers for more visibility when preparing food and gives the option of mood lighting when entertaining. If it is an option for you, consider adding one or multiple skylights to flood light through a kitchen space naturally. Incorporating larger windows, recessed lights, or even switching the color tone of your light bulbs can improve lighting. Certain techniques can give the illusion of better lighting without requiring much in the way of renovation: painting a kitchen white; properly cleaning metal, glass, and reflective surfaces; and utilizing open-concept and minimalist storage techniques.

Start Your Kitchen Remodel

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