Today the modern bathroom has become a place of refuge and relaxation to release the tensions of the day. The bathroom is no longer a secluded, intimate space, hidden in the back of the home; it has a fluid connection with the bedroom or other rooms.

So why not let your imagination run free this spring, and turn this space into a place full of style and beauty?

Let us take a look at ten of the color trends for bathroom remodels in 2021.



Sage green, a favorite for walls, gives it that fresh and natural feeling but with an urban, elegant, and modern style combined with contemporary fixtures. Likewise, slightly more saturated green tones are in fashion, as well as dark, green forest tones. They look fantastic accompanied by white or black.


Not the new black, but an energetic orange bathroom requires white accessories. Perhaps a laminated wood floor but an orange wall tile in a bathroom will undoubtedly be the central character; therefore, combine it with quite somber elements. 

Another exciting idea to consider is an orange and white bath, although a pumpkin shade is one of today’s trendy colors. You can also risk an almost pink-orange, which, combined with golden metals, looks fantastic.


An excellent color palette to give life to an old bathroom with white sanitary ware. Ideal for small and very bright bathrooms. White walls and golden accents can give it the necessary contrast so that it is not monotonous.

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Red for a bathroom is certainly not the most used color; however, white tiles are exquisite with a wall in red and combine very well with details in black. The red color is ideal for luxurious bathrooms and exotic designs.


You can add dynamism to a bathroom with blue decorative tile. Nautical motifs are ideal for creating a fresh and personalized bathroom through simple blue or black and gray walls.


From salmon pink to almost fuchsia, pink offers a wide range of very fashionable shades and looks fabulous in the bathroom. Accompanied by gold or black, the pastel pink color looks very pretty and bright—pink, a color that transmits a lot of positivity and joy. Just be wary of going for a pink tub!


A bath in shades of white, accompanied by some neutral or touches of vibrant color, will always be a classic.

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A gray bathroom always looks sophisticated. White sanitary appliances offer an elegant contrast, while accessories in bluish tones enhance any mosaics.

Beige and Browns

This combination of colors ensures a bathroom remodel will look modern for many years. A bathroom in brown tones, with mosaic tiles complimented with walnut wood, make for a beautiful look. Mix with white walls and a toilet to give it a fresh touch.


Want an exquisite bathroom with a lot of personality? Not many people would dare to paint a room completely black; however, bathrooms can be designed, achieving an extraordinary result with a very masculine air, even using color as risky as black.


Don’t forget how important a part lighting plays in how the color of your bathroom looks day and night. If possible, the bathroom should have natural light. One of the best options are lights that can be adjusted to change the ambiance according to your mood.

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