Is your home feeling smaller than ever these days? We’ve all been spending more time indoors lately. How about making some extra space available with one of these home additions remodeling ideas? These projects will transform the look of your living space in exciting ways. You can simply utilize areas that are normally reserved for storage, so there’s no need to build extra square footage onto your house. Though you might call these home additions, remodeling unused space would be more appropriate in this case. Let’s explore some options.


Turn Your Attic Into a Loft

Most people love lofts, but you may never have considered that your attic would make a great loft room for all sorts of activities. While the head room may be a bit cramped, this space is perfect for a craft table, reading nook, or a cozy guest room. The pitch of a roof can also make for some incredible skylight windows that bring in cheerful sunshine and fresh air. Adding an extra room by remodeling your attic increases the value to your home, too.

It’s also a great way to include a creative staircase that leads up to your attic loft. There are so many options. Transforming your dingy attic is a beautiful way to make the most of your home’s space. 

Finish Your Basement

It’s true that basements aren’t as common in California, but they’ve become more popular with Bay Area residents who are looking for some extra space, even if it’s underground. Now, when you think of your basement, it’s hard not to imagine a dark room that’s full of storage items, like last year’s holiday decorations, or that bike you plan to fix up someday. But a basement can be the perfect place for an office or a home gym. It can even be turned into a fun game room for the kids.

Generally, the walls and ceilings are left unfinished in a basement. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be transformed into a comfortable space. It’s even possible to add a basement to a home that wasn’t built with one, but this is, of course, one of the more extensive home additions remodeling ideas. 

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Transform Your Garage

You may not look at it this way, but your garage is technically a room. A remodel is a great way to make use of some extra square footage in your home. Insulation will be one of the main factors. In fact, you’ve probably already noticed that your garage gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer. But this is something a skilled remodeling contractor can take care of. If your garage is mostly used as a storage facility, this might be the perfect room addition for your home.  

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Home Additions Remodeling

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