Let’s imagine it’s time to undertake a kitchen remodel. A custom kitchen remodel island requires you to put your heart and soul into the design. It’s where your imagination is brought to life, and where you most often dine, work, have meaningful conversations, and many beautiful moments of reminiscence or laughter with your friends and family. As Gordon Reese says, “It is a place of peace and magic as well.”

Ready For Some Island Hopping?

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If your plan to remodel your kitchen is to incorporate a kitchen island, there are a few things to consider:

  • Are you looking to create a boundary between the kitchen and the living area?
  • Are you looking to increase or decrease your meal preparation area?
  • Will this act as a workspace as well?
  • Is it all for aesthetic purposes?
  • What’s the sitting and storage capacity going to look like?

These are just some of the elements that will help your remodel meet you and your family’s needs, no matter the size. Once the reason for the remodel is established, you can design, considering the functions your island will hold.

Examples of Island Designs

1) Gravity-Defying Island

This is a semi-open island whereby support is only on one side or half of the standing table. Don’t get me wrong; it is firm on all ends, and best of all, it has storage space and can incorporate enough sitting according to the size of your island.

2) Double Island

A double island design has been split into two. It separates the sink area and the working or meal space. Its aesthetics, especially with marble toppings and perfect lighting, are beyond this world.

3) Movable Island

On the other hand, we have a movable island, perfect for families that love host parties. A movable island gives you the versatility to create space whenever needed. It is not affixed to the ground and, in most cases, has wheels that are able to be locked when immobilized.

4) Folding Kitchen Island

Finally, we have the folding island, used mainly by individuals with small living spaces or functioning as part of a travel pack. They are light and easy to fold, as well as easy to clean. Usually, they come with foldable chairs as well, which can be fitted in a small cabinet or stand steadily at a corner.

These are a few island designs that you can customize to your liking. It is the traditional way to have rectangular islands, but you are not limited to the status quo in the modern world. It is your space, so run wild!

Plan Your Custom Kitchen Remodel

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