Why Homeowners Want Design-Build Project Delivery

The New Standard for Home Construction

Suppose you’re a homeowner coming to the all-important decision to remodel part or all of your home. In that case, it’s worth asking, is the design build method right for me?

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, renovating an entire home, adding an addition, or building a house from the ground up can be a mysterious and daunting process. Most people remodeling or building a new home are venturing into the most significant personal financial commitment they have ever made.  Most projects will require many suppliers and subcontractors to make the dream a reality and involve hundreds to thousands of work hours, not so with design-build projects.

‘Design-build: a method of project delivery where homeowners deal with one entity, working under a single contract with the project manager providing both design and construction services.’

Homeowners love using design build companies because working with a single company can minimize cost, time, and stress during your remodel.

The designer acts on behalf of the owner; therefore, the design professionals have an incentive to design a quality build and ensure that their design requirements get employed during construction. With design-build, the client retains total control over the project while the team is there to empower them and construct their vision.

In the old design-bid-build method, each contractor works in their own self-interest. As a result, electricians don’t know what the plumbers are doing, who don’t understand what the carpenters are doing, and so on. Worse still, none of them have the essential intel should the project scope change. But with the design-build style of project delivery, homeowners deal with one entity working under a single contract with the company providing design and construction services.

Why homeowners want to enjoy a seamless home remodeling project from start to finish:

  • It’s a team effort: we work together to design the space, purchase materials, stay within budget and execute the construction.
  • Quick customization is easy: You don’t want to wait weeks for customized products. Instead, work with your design-builder to find the right materials quickly.
  • Faster project delivery is certain: You will save time and money in unnecessary labor costs, human error, and waiting for material by working with one unified team.

Client involvement is naturally built-in. Any client who wants to be an active participant in the design and construction will be happy to know that their voice is always heard.

Better Communication

With open communication from the onset and transparency of design-build, clients will always understand the process and know what is going on inside their home. Their ideas and personal creativity are embraced as a collaborative effort throughout the entire process. Work with a firm with a proven track record, one that understands both aspects of design and construction, so you can leverage all of the unique expertise they offer.

Embrace the design build system for a home you can truly call your own!

Gordon Reese Design Build is an award-winning design & remodeling company that takes an innovative approach to construction. We use 3-D design to help our clients make the right design decisions through virtual access to their newly designed spaces. Our team of certified in-house experts specialize in designing & remodeling homes, as well as guaranteeing the quality and care given to each residential project. We aim to create elegant and functional spaces for everyone, inclusive of age, size, and ability. Our team is well-versed in zoning laws and building codes. It ensures that each project is professionally completed to the highest standards.

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