DIY home remodeling can be an attractive option because of the lower cost, but what kind of skills and time investment does it really take? Homeowners can get very passionate about their home remodel. Whether you’re updating your old bathroom or investing in a new kitchen remodel, you want to see your true vision come to life. Many homeowners believe they can gain better control of the remodel process and save money by doing the remodel themselves. Acting as your own general contractor can seem like an appealing way to gain the ultimate control over your remodel, and save on hiring another general contractor. But is it really feasible to be your own general contractor? Is it an easy job to take on? And will it really be worth it? Here we examine some of the factors to consider before taking on DIY home remodeling.



DIY Home Remodeling - How Hard Could It Really Be?Even a small bathroom remodel requires an extraordinary amount of time, effort and organization to complete. A general contractor considers your remodel as a full-time job. This kind of time investment ensures you get the value and results you envisioned. If you plan to be your own general contractor, you should invest the same amount of time. If you are remodeling a large space or more than one room, you should certainly plan on being in your home full time to organize and oversee the remodel. Being a general contractor might seem easy, but the job entails a high degree of organization and coordination. Between subcontractors to complete the various tasks and projects in the remodel, full-time availability is essential.


Being incredibly organized, creative and well connected are other essential aspects of being your own contractor. One of the general contractor’s main tasks is contacting, coordinating and scheduling the input of other subcontractors. If you need to have your plumbing installed before the tiler arrives to finish the bathroom, it’s the general contractor’s responsibility to find and contact these subcontractors, schedule their jobs in succession, and be present for the completion. Changes in schedule and cancellations need to be managed to ensure all parties can complete their work in the right place and at the right time. It is essential to be highly organized and willing to devote time and energy to the coordination of your project.


Being a general contractor also involves having an eye for detail and general knowledge about the technical aspects of remodeling. This allows the general contractor to observe and understand all the parts of a remodel. In a remodel, each contribution by the subcontractors comes together as a whole. If you are inexperienced with construction and building, being your own general contractor could result in schedule and budget overruns. There is also a risk of costly mistakes or necessary changes to ensure your visions for your project are met.

Investment and ValueHigh-investment-high-value living room staged after a full remodel

Many homeowners believe that DIY remodeling is advantageous because it saves on the investment in a general contractor. This is actually not always true unless you are experienced and well connected. It can be difficult to coordinate a remodel with the same efficiency and quality as a professional remodeler. Ultimately you will be liable for any problems that arise, and you may not get the result you want, leading to the need for corrective repairs. Remodels that lack the stringent and thorough planning of a professional can often provide less value for your home!

DIY home remodeling is certainly not simple and should be regarded more as a project in itself rather than an easy way to have greater control of your remodel. The best option is to find a high-quality contractor with whom you can discuss your plans in detail. Leading remodel contractors can also use 3D modeling service, providing a walk through view of how your finished remodel will look based on your plans. Working with a certified remodel contractor you can trust offers a more efficient, safe and high-quality option for you and your new home remodel.