Home HomeAnd the obvious answer is yes, of course you can—with an entire home remodel. Any home can be reimagined, making it not only more valuable, but also a more enjoyable place to live. At first, it can seem overwhelming to undertake an entire home remodeling project. It’s a major transformation that requires a plan set in place by a reliable home remodeling company. So, before you make up your mind, here are some tips that you may find helpful!

The pandemic has definitely forced us to spend most of our time cooped up at home in order to stay safe. Maybe you’ve taken a good long look at your house and have really started to wonder if you can make your home more stylish and functional.

Have a Clear Vision

First things first, it’s important to establish exactly what you really want. What do you hope to accomplish with your whole home remodel? Have you talked to your family about this? Keep in mind that it’s a big, exciting project. It will take longer and cost more than a remodel that’s limited to one room in your house. So, make sure that you have a clear goal that you want to achieve for your entire home transformation.

Consider the Future

A whole house remodel is not something that should be done just for short term gain. It’s a big investment, both in time and money, so it’s important to think about your home situation further down the line. None of us can see the future, but considering some factors before you get started will make life more convenient for years to come.

For instance, are you planning to have more kids? You may wish to add a couple of extra bedrooms. Or if you see yourself living in the house for the rest of your life, you may want to consider some aging-in-place remodel ideas for accessibility.

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Hire a Entire Home Remodel Professional 

Such a large-scale project would be practically impossible to take on in a DIY or do-it-yourself capacity. But an experienced remodeling contractor has the knowledge and skills to handle any home improvement project. So, take some time to review the best remodeling companies in your area, reach out to each of them, and hire the one that’s right for you.

Choose a Style and Design

Here’s the fun part! It’s time to get creative! Although you’re typically confined to four corners of the wall, the sky’s the limit. Pick a theme you love and discuss it with your remodeling contractor who can give you professional advice. Then, go for the specifics. Do you want to achieve a certain kitchen remodel look? How about your bathroom? What finishes and color schemes would you like to include? These are just a few of the things that you can plan for and discuss with your contractor.

Keep a Folder

With all the excitement of creating a whole house remodel, things can quickly spiral into chaos. From the get-go, it can be beneficial to make a binder to compile all of your designs, information, and paperwork in the same place. Use tab dividers to make categories, and maintain the folder throughout the process. It really helps!

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Gordon Reese is Here For You!

You may already have a few design ideas in mind, but know that they’re not enough to transform your entire home. Let Gordon Reese Design Build put all the puzzle pieces together to create your dream space. For whole remodel inspirations, you can check out our gallery. And be sure to call us at 925.261.7257 if you have any questions!