Outdoor living has been a growing home remodeling category for years, regardless of a bathroom remodel being number one, the COVID-19 pandemic has raised the importance of having private space just beyond your doors. This year, when you might be thinking about bathroom remodeling, there’s been no better place to invest than in outdoor living spaces. Our backyards, patios, and gardens have loyally served greater purposes than ever before as office spaces, happy hour hangouts, gyms, and refuges to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The popularity of outdoor living continues to grow in 2021, due not only to the effects of the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders but as many of us follow more sustainable lifestyles and seek to achieve greater health. Both mentally and physically, your home is your family’s personal refuge. In addition, outdoor spaces are sure to remain hot spots for social gatherings for quite some time—even during the winter. Over the past year, it has also become where the office, classroom, restaurant, and cinema are. This shift toward considering outdoor spaces an essential extension of the home is the common thread that runs through many of these top home remodeling trends for the upcoming year.


Taking the Indoors Outside

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, outdoor kitchens are still in high demand. Among those planning outdoor areas, 60% plan to upgrade existing spaces for more functionality and better aesthetics. Outdoor kitchens were not surprisingly the top project, with 76% of those surveyed planning to renovate these areas.

Keeping Your Cool This Year

Outdoor showers are gaining popularity, being a mainstay in upscale resort communities in Hawaii, with huge potential for luxury homes here in the East Bay.

Backyard cottages are also trending! Commonly called “granny flats” or accessory dwelling units (ADUs), these small dwellings show up wherever local codes allow them to be added to existing single-family home lots. Some are built on-site, while others are manufactured offsite and then trucked in. These are being used to house older relatives, adult children needing a temporary home, tenants for additional income, or increased functional space for a suddenly cramped home. Their many roles include study areas, spare bedroom suites, work-from-home offices, gyms, and even meditation areas.

Throwing Shade

In the garden, pergolas are popping up more frequently as an option to create a more inviting outdoor entertainment area. As noted by the NKBA, homeowners are looking to extend their usable living space outdoors – particularly with more people crowded in for more hours at home – and they often need shade to enjoy it properly. A pergola is a relatively quick and affordable solution that can often be built or installed within a couple of days. Best of all, they provide ample shade for dining, lounging, and an area for other outdoorsy fun and relaxation.

Let’s Talk

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