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How to Manage a Holiday Remodel With Home Contractors

Managing a holiday remodel with home contractors can be a tricky process. Continue reading to discover a few tips to help ensure that your holiday remodel is as smooth and easy as possible.

Hire a Local

In order to ensure that your holiday remodel is completed without a hitch, it’s a smart idea to opt for a local contractor. This will cut down on travel times. Plus, you’ll be able to speak directly, so it will likely be easier to communicate your needs and wants. A local contractor will be familiar with the market in your area and should have a network of trusted subcontractors to draw from in order to complete the project.

Solidify the Time Frame

In order to avoid disappointment, make sure to speak to your home contractors ahead of time to come up with a realistic time frame for your project. As your desired remodel may take a bit longer during the holiday season, be sure to allow for the possibility of some extra time.

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Area for Tools

It’s a great idea to give your home contractors a designated area, such as a spare room or a corner of the garage, where they can store their tools. This way, you will be able to consolidate the equipment area and won’t have to worry about spare tools being left around your home.

Reschedule Holiday Events

As your project will likely be in progress over the holidays, make sure you have a plan that keeps this in mind. If your kitchen is being remodeled, opt to spend the holidays with a friend or family member. Alternatively, make a take out or restaurant plan for special holiday meals.

Minimize Decorations

As holiday decorations may get in the way of your home remodeling projects, try to keep your decorations to a minimum. Alternatively, consider confining your decorations to areas of your home that are not included in your home improvement project.

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Consider Alternative Accommodations

Depending on the needs of your family and the scope of your remodeling project, you may want to move in with family members for the duration of your remodel. This will give your home contractors adequate space to complete the project. It may also make your day-to-day life easier while your home remodeling is underway.

Plan Ahead

Many people choose to remodel their houses over the holiday period. Because this time of year can be busy for home contractors, it’s best to think ahead. Schedule services in advance in order to beat the holiday rush, especially if you need the project completed by a certain date.

If you’re interested in remodeling your house over the holiday season, contact us at Gordon Reese Design Build. We have the experience and expertise you need for your next home improvement project. Contact us by calling (925) 885-3770. We look forward to learning more about you and your home.

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