Rather not brave a real estate world with rock-bottom inventory? You can choose instead to reconfigure your current home.

Are you wondering if renovations to your home are worth it? Home remodeling is probably the single best option to make your house more fun and functional for your family. Whether you’re getting ready to sell or plan to live in your home for many years to come, it pays to do intelligent upgrades. Even with a few simple changes, you can significantly change your home’s overall look and feel, increasing its value at the same time. Here are some remodeling ideas Gordon Reese has put together for your home remodeling boost value

Home Remodeling Boost Value Projects For Your Bay Area Homes

  • Bathrooms and kitchens always benefit from even a minor renovation
  • Consider remodeling projects that improve or increase the living space inside your home
  • Improve curb appeal by updating the exterior of your home
  • For larger projects, hire a contractor for a professional job

Increase interior space with an attic addition

If you want another bathroom or bedroom without adding a new area, consider an attic addition. Indeed, it is one of the most affordable options to add space without building outwards. Let’s say you have a small house with two bedrooms; an attic remodel allows you to expand, even adding another bedroom or bathroom on top of your existing home.

Kitchen Makeover

Perhaps a complete kitchen remodel isn’t in your budget, but you can still change the feel and look of your kitchen by simply refacing your cabinets – conceivably going from boring to exciting. Updating those plumbing and lighting fixtures within the kitchen can also revitalize the space and give it some new life!

Inside Out

Deck additions, outdoor living rooms, and patios often return 100% on investment. An outdoor remodel can be as simple as a singular-level platform that stands on its own a few inches above the ground, or as intricate as multi-tiered structures complete with steps, railings, pergolas, trellises, and built-in features like tables, benches, planters, and hot tubs. Make your backyard your own private oasis!

Sunny With a Chance of…

Change outdated windows to floor-to-ceiling expanses of glass and let the sunlight visually increase your home’s square footage, your furry friends will love it too!

Renovate Countertops

Countertops are always visible. Therefore, it is good to renovate these areas when you want to upgrade the look in the bathrooms or kitchen. Upgrading from a tiled countertop to a single-level surface like quartz or marble can be easier on the cleaning without the pesky grout, but be sure to treat whatever material you use with the proper care and attention it deserves. Keep in mind that whether countertops look good or not depends on personal preferences. The fact that you like granite does not necessarily mean your potential buyers may also agree, if you’re looking for a return on your investment. Others would prefer a solid surface, laminate, or quartz.

Warm and Inviting

What about adding warmth and charm with a fireplace? Whenever you put your home on the market, prospective buyers will love not just the practicality but the charm that a fireplace adds to any room. Fireplaces don’t have to be log-burning either. Modern advancements in technology allow you to have a gorgeous roaring LED fireplace that provides the aesthetic of the flames without all the hassle!

New Paint

Perhaps the most obvious way to make your house look newer and more beautiful is to repaint it. While the decision on the color depends on personal preferences, well-selected contemporary tones could transform the whole living space. Be careful when you want to choose deep hues, as that can darken your house. It is better to go for brighter and cheerful colors that can create more ambient light, or more neutral tones that reflect the natural light streaming in. This is particularly important for small spaces, such as tight bedrooms or guest bathrooms.

Award-Winning Home Remodeling

Whatever your budget or your taste, you have the choice after a remodel to love it or list it. At Gordon Reese Design Build, our experts are always available to talk to those looking to invest in their homes. Kick-start your home remodeling project today by calling us at (925) 885-3770.