There’s one tool that’s really changing the game when it comes to home design, building and remodeling. No, it’s not a new type of drill or even a new kind of building material, but something you use long before anyone even sets foot in the house. It’s called 3D Design – a tool that helps to bring your architect’s plans to life so you can really experience your new home before walls are knocked down and money is spent.

As a home builder or remodeler, you want to avoid paying for work you don’t want, and ensure that everything you do want goes into the final result. When you use 3D Design for remodeling, you get to know and see exactly what will change in a more experiential way, rather than just looking at plans on paper.

What is 3D Design?

3D Design is a process that involves working with your remodeling team, architect, or contractor to use computer software that turns your 2D floor plans into a virtual walkthrough model of your projected plans. This allows you to really visualize what the remodel will look like in real life, rather than just relying on paper plans, descriptions and your imagination. 3D Design can help you to better understand how rooms will flow, how each of the components work together, and whether the design is truly capturing the look you want.

Benefits of Using 3D Design

Easy to Understand

While essential, floor plans can be hard to understand and uninspiring. That’s why homeowners love 3D design, because it allows you to really experience what a new remodel will look like, taking into account all the intricacies and characteristics of your unique home. A 3D rendering of your remodel helps you to clearly see how the new design will integrate with the rest of your home, and incorporates the finish and style you will achieve in the final result.

Avoids Changes During Construction

Changes during a remodel are almost inevitable, but minimizing them helps to reduce stress and costs during the busy remodel process. Many changes occur in the midst of construction because the physical shape of the plans is beginning to take shape, and the homeowner sees that the plan wasn’t really what they wanted in reality. Taking the time to do 3D Design allows you to see how the plan will look in real life ahead of time before construction starts, so you can minimize changes throughout the construction process.

Saves Time and Money

Getting to see your plans in 3D Design also allows you to see what you really need and want in your remodel, and what you don’t, which helps you to economize on unnecessary components and superfluous additions.

Achieves a Better Outcome

3D models are better understood and accepted when seeking approval from review boards, making the remodel and construction process easier. When you use 3D Design for remodeling, you get to see and know the outcome of your remodel in advance, so you get the result you want with less cost, hassle and time.

Achieve the remodel you’ve always dreamed of and conserve valuable resources by taking the time to consult a remodeling professional and use 3D design in your remodel process.