Aren’t you getting bored with seeing the same old cabinets and layout in your kitchen every day? 2021 is finally here, so why not give your kitchen a more modern makeover?

When it comes to home remodeling and renovations, kitchens are usually at the top of the priority list. Aside from being the “heart of the home,” there are just so many makeover trends to follow this year! In this article, we’ll share some of the hottest kitchen trends for 2021. Take note of this list and you might just feel inspired to create the kitchen of your dreams!


All Things Marble

Although marble isn’t new to the scene, its elegance can take the look of your kitchen up a notch. If you want a luxurious and classic kitchen, add a touch of marble. Marble flooring and marble counters are both popular with homeowners.

Wooden Finish

Wood is one of the most versatile and classic materials, and we can’t deny that it has a unique charm. These days, light or pale wood with amazing caramel undertones is so much on trend.

Dark Theme

We’re enjoying dark themes on our mobile phones, applications, and even in social media apps. So why not try this dramatic look in our kitchens, too? Dark walls, counters and cabinets look luxe and classy. Pair them with wood or stone textures to add a soft, contemporary touch. Note, dark themes work best in large kitchens.

Color Blocking

Aside from clothes, color blocking is possible for kitchens as well. If you’re someone who loves bright colors that brighten up your world, go for a color block theme. You can add an amazing color combination with your flooring, appliances, cabinets, and other interior design elements.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are one of the hottest design trends this year. They’re great for expanding counter and storage space, and adding a contemporary feel and look to the kitchen. If you want a pop of color on your centerpiece, this is also a great idea.

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Walk-in Pantries

Is it time to replace your old cupboards? Consider designing a walk-in pantry. These are a must-have for modern kitchens. The best part is, this extra storage space offers function and style. After all, what’s better than having everything you need in one place? Cut down on clutter and save space at the same time. No more reaching for that top shelf. You’ll love the extra room you have in your cupboards, too!

Walnut Cabinets

Rich, dark walnut cabinets are loved by a majority of modern homeowners. They add a feeling of luxury to a gourmet kitchen. They’re also perfect for minimalists who want a kitchen makeover without going overboard with the design.

Gold Finishing

Golden taps and sinks are a dramatic statement that will make your kitchen look a hundred times more elegant and modern. You can easily find golden taps and sinks in a variety of shapes, sizes, and shades, including rose gold. They can add a beautiful accent to your kitchen.

Modern Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in enhancing the look of any space. If you’re on a budget, but still want a few changes, opt for modern lighting, such as pendant lights. They will instantly uplift the overall mood of your kitchen. Lighting is one way to really let your creativity shine.

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Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Trends come and go, but home is forever. Although something is hot in 2021, make sure you choose a look that you’ll love for years to come.

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