Home is where you should feel the most relaxed and at peace. The epitome of a luxury home incorporates various elements, some of which are carefully planned natural and artificial lighting, creative use of space as well as tasteful art and furniture décor. While these suggestions alone can improve a home’s spark and inner elegance it pays to do everything you can to make your space as comfortable as possible.

Are you interested in redesigning your home but don’t know which elements you should consider? Here are some suggestions to inspire you!


Space and Lighting

The first thing you will notice when walking into a luxury home is the lighting and overall feel of the space. If your home has outdated or poor lighting on top of overfilled, cramped rooms, chances are you’re going to feel uncomfortable in the space.

If you’re planning a big renovation, it’s a good idea to increase the amount of natural light that comes into your home. One way to do this is by installing larger windows. You can also incorporate more minimalistic furniture items, paired with an open-concept design. Utilizing dark and bright color adds contrast, beautiful mirrors, can help to create a sense of openness.


In this day and age, it seems like everything can use the internet, and there’s an ever-increasing surge of tech advancements–even in the remodeling industry. All of these revolutionary advancements can seem overwhelming, but when they are used in the right way, such innovations can improve your everyday life.

You can now take advantage of smart home automation devices to switch on your lights, television, and electrical outlets, even going as far as to control your security system with your mobile device. Take advantage of this technology to make your home more functional and convenient.

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Spa Rooms, Recreation and Outdoor

What could be more refreshing than walking into your spa bathroom to shed yourself of the day’s stress? Better yet, why not take a dip in your own private pool on the weekends! Adding outdoor water and spa-like features can greatly improve the value of your daily life, especially since the pools have been closed to the public for a while. An addition of outdoor entertainment areas such as a pergola and outdoor kitchen can create a fantastic, fun-filled atmosphere for family and friends to enjoy.

Home Gym

If you have a busy schedule and never seem to get enough time for workouts, then a home gym may be your best option. Dedicating a space for exercise will help you create a healthy routine that not only boosts your mood but improves fitness. You could wake up, work out for an hour, hop in the shower, and be ready for work in your new home office!

A Luxury Master Suite

You’ve spent years of your life sleeping in your bedroom, so it’s safe to say that your bedroom should be the most comfortable and relaxing space in your entire home with space that doesn’t feel claustrophobic or confined. Carefully designed windows allow for more natural light to stream in, opening up your bedroom to allow a view of the outside–bonus points if there’s a beautiful view. You can also choose to build a cozy sitting area, an additional walk-in closet, or add a dressing room with tall mirrors.

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Whole Home Remodel Makeover

If you’re ready to make meaningful improvements to your home, it’s important to hire the right design build firm to design and remodel a space that works best for you and your family. At Gordon Reese Design Build, we offer 3D design so you can be confident your design decisions are the right ones before we start construction.

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