Mid-century style homes originated years ago. You know how treasured this design is today if you own a mid-century model home. But the reality is, a mid-century home might need some work to restore it to its original essence. Mid-century remodeling is a viable option, whether you’re looking to sell your home or just want to improve your space. And with homes of this era seeing a significant rise in popularity, homeowners are looking for ways to capitalize on the trend. Read this complete guide for mid-century home remodel ideas to help make your decision easier.


Mid-Century Home Remodel Ideas


Tip 1: Materials and Details Matter

Brick, chrome, metal, and brass are a great place to start when thinking about the details of your home. Examples include: if your current lighting is glass dome or recess lighting, have it replaced with space-aged chrome, gold metal pendants, and brass lamps. White kitchen cabinets, shiplap or white walls, and marble countertops are out, and warm walnut cabinets, laminate counters, and muted hues are in. Oak floors are typically rooted in the mid-century home, but plush carpet is also part of the style. 

As for kitchen and bathroom tiles, look for them in pink, teal, and yellow colors. Geometric backsplash tiles will also help make the space look and feel more authentic.

Tip 2: Embrace Wood Paneling

If you have watched the HGTV shows, you know how people feel about wood wall paneling. When they see wood paneling, the first instinct for most people is to rip it all out and replace it with fresh, white walls. But if you want an authentic-looking mid-century time capsule, that is a huge mistake. 

However, it is understandable that a large, wood wall can look rather dark and boring. One option is to have a large window or two added to break up the space. You can also brighten the space with floor lamps and bright paintings.

Tip 3: Retro Laminate Counters

Laminate counter resurfacing started in 1956 and was in virtually every newly built home in the 50s and 60s thereafter. The most subtle way to remodel your mid-century home is to bring back laminate countertops for your kitchen.

Tip 4: Cadillac-Wide Brick Fireplaces

If your fireplace has been replaced with stone or another material, have it re-done in ultra-wide brick. Large brick fireplaces were virtually in every home during this time.

Tip 5: Install Custom Built-Ins

A classic design from the 50s that’s making a comeback is custom built-in shelves in the living room. Built-ins are also suitable for bedrooms, offices, and kitchens. They are a great space for your metal or glass knick-knacks and live plants! If your home lacks these, it’s time to bring them back.

Tip 6: Floor to Ceiling Doors and Windows

Floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows are the trademarks of mid-century design. Glass walls let in plenty of natural light and connect your home to the outdoors beautifully and effortlessly. They can be added to any room that shares a wall to the outside. This includes the front and back of the home.

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