Home Remodel During COVID-19. Prepare your home for COVID-19 by ensuring it is safe and beautiful, and that you have all the supplies you need.

Has it been a while since you made any updates to your home? Most of us have spent months indoors lately. Maybe this is the year to call a remodeling contractor. Whether you want a kitchen or bath remodel, or a whole home update, you know you need a skilled professional. But is it really safe to remodel during the pandemic?

The good news is that some remodeling companies have found ways to navigate these challenging times by taking extra precautions. As per recommendations from federal, state and local officials, essential business industries are allowed to operate under strict protective measures and protocols. Read on to learn more about how the Gordon Reese Design Build team is putting your safety first.

Remodel During COVID-19?

Our Own Take

Gordon Reese Design Build is staying up to date on the pandemic, and has put company measures in place to keep both clients and employees safe. This means there are stringent rules that our team must follow as they work on your home.

Virtual Design Sessions

One of the first things that Gordon Reese Design Build did during the onset of COVID was pivot to virtual design sessions. With this modern option, it’s easy and convenient for you to schedule an appointment with us. We’ll jump on a twenty-minute Zoom call to talk about your goals, vision and ideal remodeling project. So much can be done online now. We can discuss your expectations and requirements, as well as costs and other important details of your remodeling project.

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On-Site Safety Protocols

Gordon Reese Design Build employees are held to the same strict standards that have been mandated for other essential workers during the pandemic. For instance, all of our remodelers must wash their hands for at least twenty seconds, and refrain from touching their eyes, nose or mouth. Tools and equipment aren’t shared without proper sanitation. Similarly, the team can’t congregate in large crowds in the lunch area.

Each remodeler wears personal protection equipment (PPE), uses hand sanitizer (if soap is not available), and makes sure that PPE is disposed of properly after use. We also make sure that we disinfect reusable safety equipment. In some work areas, we use HEPA air filtering systems to block out air contaminants and pollutants. And, of course, we follow all of these protocols during every client visit at the worksite, maintaining social distancing standards.

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Final Thoughts

With precautions in place, it is safe to remodel your home during the pandemic. It just depends on how careful your remodeling contractor chooses to be. Aside from creating premium, high-end remodeling projects, your safety is our number one priority. We’re taking the coronavirus so seriously because we care about our community and our clients.

Whether you postponed your remodeling project last year, or you want to welcome 2021 with a newly transformed home, reach out to us. Our Design build team will make sure that you achieve your dream space in no time. Call us at 925.261.7257 to get started!