There’s no time like the present to plan a home remodel with warmer weather right around the corner, starting with the perfect kitchen remodel. Here are 4 ideas for House Remodeling Plans For Summer

1) Refresh the Kitchen

There are lots of alternatives when it comes to a kitchen remodel. If time and budget are a concern, consider a simple update, like repainting your cabinets or replacing the hardware. If you want to go a step beyond, you can update your space with new appliances or repaint the walls. But if you’re truly tired of an outdated kitchen, go all out on a kitchen remodel. Upgrade the cabinets, countertops, flooring, and lighting. A fresh look can renovate how you feel about your home.

2) Bring the Outdoors Inside

If a kitchen remodel isn’t right for you, here’s another idea. One of the greatest ways to integrate the season into your home remodel is to bring the outdoors indoors by introducing natural elements like woods, metallics, and florals.

Here are some ideas for natural materials in your summer makeover:

  • Natural wood shelving
  • Slate, marble, or limestone tiles in your shower or on your bathroom floor
  • Floral curtains, wallpaper, or artwork
  • Copper sinks, light fixtures, faucets, and other hardware
  • Quartz, marble, or granite countertops
  • Hardwood or bamboo flooring

An additional way to bring natural elements into your home is with real or artificial plants, which can complement other natural materials and accents. Scented candles, mason jars, unique teapots and vases, and wooden trinkets also add small touches of nature. Opening up your space to the outside with the upgrading of existing windows or new window treatments can bring the essence of the outdoors into your home.

3) Open Up an Existing Space

Now that we have come through 2020, we bet you are feeling a bit pent up. You are not alone. Let’s knock out a wall or two to create a more open plan for your home. The change may do you good, and guests will be surprised with the new open plan. If there is a wall or divider between the kitchen and dining room, consider removing it for the maximum usage of the space. Is the kitchen closed off? Perhaps you’ll want to open it up to the main living space!

4) Add a Room

The addition of a new room can be an exciting time. With so many moving to a work-from-home situation, we all need a little bit of extra space. Perhaps you have an office but need an outdoor space to showcase the outside elements. Think about adding on a porch or a custom deck for enjoying your outdoor living space.

Is a relative coming to stay? Or maybe a college student is moving back home? Don’t panic. In most instances, a new room can be added to the exterior of your home with a little creativity.

Simple spring fixes to your home will refresh it and remind you why you love your space. And if you have a bigger budget, consider a more extensive renovation like one of the following:

  • Adding on a screen room or sunroom
  • Changing out old windows for new, energy-efficient ones
  • Give your entire home a new paint color and brighten all the trim
  • Switch or replace your old appliances for a fresh new look
  • Remodel the master bathroom for an upgraded spa feel

Do not let another year go by living in a home you don’t love. 

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