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Why You May Not Want to Settle for an Inexpensive Bathroom Remodel

It can be really tempting to opt for an inexpensive bathroom remodel, especially when you want to see big changes. Some cheap contractors offer their services at lower costs with high expectations. Besides, who doesn’t want to save more money, right?

But here’s where the risk lies: not all budget-friendly remodels are worth it. In fact, you’d probably be let down by the results. Or worse, they just don’t meet your expectations at all. You can save yourself from this nightmare by investing in a bathroom remodel that will really add value to your life.

Unsatisfying Upgrades

One of the main reasons why homeowners opt for a bathroom remodel is to improve the look and function. So if you’re on a tight budget, you may have to simply replace a few fixtures or repaint the walls.

Low-Quality Materials

Are you buying subpar materials to cut down on costs? That may seem like a great idea for a while until you have to spend more on replacing those subpar materials later on. Keep in mind that durability is a crucial factor to consider for bathroom remodels, this indicates how reliable your materials are. You can’t expect low-quality materials to last long in your bathroom.

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No Professional Designs and Finishes

Professional bathroom remodeling experts can create a stunning design for your project within a pre approved investment range. But, if you opt for a low-budget bathroom remodel, the space you’ve been imagining may not become a reality. Looking for bathroom remodel inspiration online will help, but designing the bathroom on your own isn’t the best option. An experienced, skilled professional has the industry knowledge and know-how to select the right fixtures and materials to create the bathroom of your dreams.

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The Bare Minimum

Your bathroom remodel should provide a spa-like, luxurious experience. But, these things come at a price. An inexpensive remodeling can’t offer as much satisfaction, so it’s worth the investment for a room that’s so important to your daily routine and self-care.

No Added Value

If you’re planning to sell your home, a cheap remodeling project just won’t be enough. A lot of home buyers value bathrooms more than any other room in the house. So if they’ve barely seen improvements to your space, you’ll lose potential buyers every single time.

Future Fixes

Accidents can happen. Poor-quality work will definitely do more harm than good. In a span of a few months, you might notice that the paint job becomes botched, floor tiles suddenly pop up, and the same plumbing problem reoccurs.

If you think that you’ll save more money from a cheap remodel, think again. It doesn’t guarantee that you won’t deal with issues once the construction is complete.

Create Your Dream Space

The lowest price doesn’t always guarantee the best bathroom remodels. So, if you want to create your dream space, make sure to invest in it. No idea where to start? Contact us at Gordon Reese. Our team of skilled professionals will help you transform your bathroom at a reasonable cost. Reach out to us at 925.261.7257 today!


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