Kitchens are an important part of any living space. In fact, they’re often considered the heart of a home. As one of the most important rooms in the entire house, they deserve special consideration.

When it comes to kitchens, some may believe that the bigger they are, the better they’ll perform. Although this may be true in some cases, it’s really a matter of preference. You’d be surprised at the hidden advantages of a kitchen with a smaller layout. But, no matter the size of your kitchen, the most important thing is that it works well for you. The size of a kitchen varies from home to home. Read on to find out more about the pros and cons of having a small kitchen remodel.

Pro: Small Kitchens Hold Less Clutter

Chances are, you have one or a few junk drawers in your kitchen that have nothing in them but, well, junk. You may use some of these items once in a blue moon, but more often than not they’re just cluttering up your kitchen. It may become frustrating when you need to use a certain tool but can’t find it. Extra clutter can be stressful when it makes it hard to find what you need, especially when you’re in the middle of cooking.

Having a smaller kitchen with less available storage space means you’ll only be able to keep what you need the most and like best. Some people prefer a more minimal style, with fewer belongings, and fewer opportunities for clutter. A small kitchen will also help you focus more on the quality, rather than the quantity, of your kitchen supplies. With a small kitchen, you may come to realize that you don’t need fancy appliances or multiple kinds of measuring cups to cook delicious food. A small kitchen can be just as functional and organized as a large one.

Con: Less Storage Space

Of course, the same thing that can be beneficial in a small kitchen remodel, less room for storage, can also be a drawback. While a smaller kitchen has less space for clutter, it may not have enough space for everything you need to store, particularly if you have a big family. Although it’s true you don’t actually need all the gadgets to make satisfying meals, those extra appliances, like a slow cooker, can be a lifesaver during busy weeknights.

Less storage also means that you’ll have less space for your pots, pans, knives, cutting boards, and other kitchenware. You may also not have the space to expand, should you ever decide to build on your collection. This may not be the biggest issue for minimalists, or for those who cook infrequently, but it’s definitely something to consider for the more culinary inclined.

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Pro: Easier Cleanup

A smaller space is easier to clean for the simple fact that there are fewer surfaces to wipe down and organize. After a tiring afternoon of slaving over the stove, cleaning up after yourself is the most tedious part of the entire cooking process. Luckily, having a smaller area may mean less for you to wash up. Having a smaller kitchen means that you probably don’t have to wipe down much counter space, you’ll have less floor to mop, and fewer pots to toss into the dishwasher. It makes for an overall easier and faster cleanup of the whole room when there’s less of it for you to deal with.

Con: Less Safe

When it comes to cooking, having ample space to work in is helpful. Besides feeling a bit confining, you may have to be more careful when you maneuver inside your small kitchen remodel. This is especially true when actual heat is involved. You wouldn’t want to be chopping vegetables on the countertop, only to turn around a little too quickly and knock a pot of boiling water onto the floor.

A small kitchen may be perfect for minimalists and those who rarely cook. Less clutter and a potentially easier cleaning process may suit some just fine. But then again, there’s always the possibility of outgrowing your small kitchen. Luckily, in this case, it’s easy to upgrade.

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