One of the challenges of having a small kitchen is making the space functional for you and your family. However, there is hope to maximize your kitchen space so you don’t have to endure a cramped room much longer. And it won’t require tearing down walls or even changing your layout! Here are 7 tips for a small kitchen remodel to maximize your space.


Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Install a Single Bowl Sink

Double bowl sinks take up six more inches of counter and cabinet space than a single bowl sink. A farm sink is one single bowl option available if you feel you could use more counter space. Farm sinks are not only beautiful, but they add a timeless look to your kitchen that never goes out of style. 

Add More Lighting to Your Kitchen 

An inexpensive way to make your kitchen feel larger is by adding more lighting. You can use recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting, track lighting, or semi-flush mount ceiling lights to add a little extra brightness. The added light and illumination open up a room and make it feel warm and welcoming.

Install a Kitchen Island

One of the easiest ways to add space to a small kitchen is by installing a kitchen island. Adding an island provides more counter and cabinet space. An island can also double as a kitchen table for enjoying meals with your friends and family. 

Paint the Kitchen White & Install White Cabinets

Another way to update and make a small kitchen look more spacious is by painting the walls and ceiling white. Dark colors in a small kitchen will only make it feel more cramped. Conversely, white ceilings have a way of making ceilings feel higher. Plus, there’s a bonus: white paint will reflect light from the lamps or overhead light, making everything feel brighter. You can also install white cabinets to make your space feel less bulky and more modern.

Add Higher or Windowed Cabinets, or Open Shelving

One of the challenges of having a small kitchen is not having enough cabinet space. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to plan your small kitchen renovation to make them feel more spacious. One way is by adding higher cabinets that give the illusion of higher walls. Added bonus: more cabinet space!

A second challenge that comes with having a small kitchen is cabinets that seem to dominate the space and make your kitchen look even more cramped and small. Glass insert cabinet doors are a perfect solution, as they give the illusion that your space is larger. A third solution is tearing out your cabinets completely and opting for open shelving. This gives the area a minimalist look that won’t dominate the wall space.

Add Cupboard Pull-Out Shelving

If you’re looking for another way to increase storage space, try installing pull-out shelving for your cabinets. These shelves provide a significant amount of space making it easier to access and utilize those hard to reach spaces. Allowing you to store pots, pans, tubaware, spices, pantry items or larger appliances. A new and desirable function is adding power outlets inside a pull out drawer designated to charging and storing electronic devices keeping your area clutter free and devices safe from water damage. Under-counter shelving adds room without taking up valuable floor space or cluttering up your counter space. 

Add a Built-In Microwave

Microwaves take up valuable countertop real estate. Two solutions are to install a microwave above the stove or into a bottom cabinet. This is a small improvement in a small kitchen remodel that is a significant space-saver!

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