Spring has sprung – perhaps earlier than other years, but the warm weather is here to stay. What happened to our rain? That’s another blog series!

While you’re banishing the cobwebs during your annual spring cleaning, take some time to give your home a thorough inspection. A few simple maintenance maneuvers will ensure that your home will remain in good shape and that all systems will keep humming efficiently.

Clean your gutters. After a long winter, dirt and debris will gather in the gutters. Clean them out and ensure that they are still in good repair. Direct the downspouts away from your foundation. If the ground closest to the house along the foundation puddles water from the downspout, add extenders to direct the water further away from the house so that the water doesn’t cause damage.

Inspect your roof. If you can’t remember the last time you had a roof inspection, it’s time to call a professional to take care of any repairs. Check for loose shingles or damage, and have them fixed before leaks happen. If you had issues with roof dams on the roof during winter, you might see damage to the lowest few feet of your roof. Water can seep under the flashing, wreaking havoc on insulation and the roof deck below.

Check your foundation, basement and crawlspace. Check the foundation around your house for cracks or imperfections. Seal them or call in a contractor if necessary to keep water from seeping into your house. The same goes for walls and floors of your basement and crawlspace. Check for any signs of moisture and seal as necessary. Also, keep a close eye on the sump pump. Ensure that it’s working properly and get a battery backup just in case.

Maintain your A/C. Call a qualified HVAC contractor to give your air-conditioning system a once over. We can give you some recommendations of professionals in your area. Doing so 5734074each year will help ensure that the system is running at peak performance and help to lower your energy bills. Be sure that the inspector looks at the system’s condensate drain hose where sediment can build up. Use a wet-vac to suction out any blockage.

Fix the deck. If you have a wood deck, now’s the time to inspect the surface for warping, loose boards and popped nails that could cause damage to treading feet. If you have stains or discolorations, you should reseal the deck so that it is protected against spring rains and summer sun. Maintaining your deck will create an outdoor space perfect, and safe, for entertaining in the warmer-weather months ahead.

Clean the water heater. The average lifespan of a water heater is eight to 12 years. If yours is more than five years old, you should check around the base for any leakage or rust. If you find some, replace the heater. For areas with hard water, you may be required to drain the water heater to eliminate sediment that builds up in the tank.

Remodel. Remodeling in the spring and summer months can be easier on you and your schedule. With clear skies ahead in the San Francisco Bay Area, this can make it easier for your contractor to avoid rain delays. The outdoor space can also be used to store supplies, making the remodeling less intrusive on your daily life. And your space will be finished in plenty of time before the inclement weather starts in late Autumn.