At the final stage of your remodel, it’s time to add the finishing touches, tie off the loose ends and stand back and admire your new home. Your contractor has packed up the tools, the noise has finished and the dust cleared away and you’re ready to use your brand new space! Needless to say, this is one of the most exciting stages in the remodel project. However, at this stage it’s still important to pay attention to all the details and ensure that every aspect of the remodel is finalized before your contractor moves on.

Punch List

Once you think the project is completed, and your contractor gives the go ahead, it’s time to take a walkthrough of your new space and identify any points that need correction, adjustment or changes. All of these details should be recorded on a list known as a punch list. It’s best to conduct this walkthrough of the space in the final phases of your remodel while your contractor is still onsite to help you answer any questions, and also to bring any problems to their attention specifically. Your contractor can also help you by answering any questions you might have, in order to understand what’s ‘normal’ and what to expect in your remodel.


In the last phases of your home remodel it’s time to round up and finalize any paperwork you have related to the remodel. Check your original contract again, and make sure you have a copy of all the documents for your records, including permits, receipts, change orders, lien waivers, warranties and manufacturers guides to your products.

If your contractor installed new appliances for you, ask if they have instruction booklets or manufacturers warranties for you to keep, and check what kind of maintenance and upkeep your new appliances might need.

Final Touches

After you have given the punch list to the remodeling contractor, you will need to walk through your space again at some point for the final check to ensure all the finishing touches are put in place and all your queries have been addressed. Use the punch list you compiled previously as a check list for the finished remodel.

Check with your contractor about their guarantee of quality and warrantees, to see how long they last and what they cover. Often contractors will provide free repairs up to a certain point, and most contractors are also interested in staying in touch and seeing how your remodel works for you.

Show Your Thanks

Your contractor has worked hard to bring your dream to life, so show your appreciation by allowing your contractor to photograph your space for their portfolio, or offering your home for a remodel tour for new prospective clients of the contractor.

Great remodeling contractors often rely on an excellent reputation and word of mouth for securing new clients, so provide a great testimonial or review to express your thanks for your contractor’s fantastic work.

Your remodel has come to an end and now it’s time to enjoy your new, bright and beautiful space, and perhaps even start planning your next project!