Once you have begun collecting ideas for your potential remodel and have developed a plan for investing in your remodel, it’s time to start searching for the best remodel contractor to create the reality of your fresh, new dream space. Choosing a contractor can be one of the most exciting stages of your remodel process, as you meet and talk with the professionals who will potentially be involved in bringing your dream space into reality. It can also be an overwhelming time as you try to sort through the details of who you will need to hire and for what job. Here we look at the range of professionals that are involved in complete house remodels and home additions, so you can better understand what your remodel will need and how to choose the right professional for your project.

The Design/Build Contractor

If you want to work with a ‘one stop shop’ for design, build and construction services, a design build contractor is the best professional for your needs. An experienced design build contractor will be able to work with you and oversee your project from start to finish, giving you continuity and clarity of vision in bringing your dream home to life.

Many homeowners prefer to work with design build contractors because they have a complete and in-depth perspective on all aspects of the remodeling process. Another advantage is that you get the consistency of working with the same team all the way through your project, so there’s less risk of misunderstandings or miscommunication. A design build firm can provide both quality design and construction services within the same general contracting company, which helps you and your contractor keep design, engineering and investment range in mind throughout the entire process. Many professional design build contractors also offer 3D Design for remodels so you can see your remodeling project space in a 3D walkthrough before building begins.

A design build contractor is ideal for any type of project from a relatively simple bathroom renovation or kitchen remodel, to a total whole house remodel.

General Contractor

If you’re looking to only have a smaller remodeling project, most experienced general contractors are capable of using knowledge they’ve accrued on the job to provide an all-round service for successful completion of your project. However, even small jobs need the attention and detail of a practiced professional, so it’s important to choose your contractor carefully as per the guidelines in the next step (Step 5) of the remodel process.

A general contractor is also the right choice for your project if you’ve already had your space professionally designed by an architect or designer.


Hiring a certified or licensed designer is another option for obtaining construction drawings, and designers may have certain areas of expertise such as in the kitchen, bathroom, interiors or outdoor design. This can make designers the ideal choice for smaller scale projects.

By working out the needs of your project and deciding which professional is right for you, you can move on to choosing a professional to work with and beginning your project.

Here at Gordon Reese Design Build, we can design-build, just design, or build from your architect/designer’s plans! We have the versatility to ensure the highest customer satisfaction at any stage of your dream home remodel.