Once you have found the professional, qualified contractor you are going to work with, it’s time to develop the perfect design for your remodel. When it comes to a remodel, new home or home addition, it’s important to be clear about what you want, and ensuring that the dreams you have for your new space are incorporated into the design your contractor uses.

This is a key step in the remodel process that ensures you are working with the right people, and that they will be working off the right plans before you go into the build phase.

Clear Communication

A part of developing your plans is discussing your ideas and vision with your chosen contractor, so they can fully understand your goals in regards to the remodel. This is the point where the plans that will eventually become your future space are taking shape, so it’s important to have clear communication with your contractor, and discuss every aspect of the plans and build phase.

Plans You Understand

No matter who designs the plans for your project, it’s important that you as the homeowner understand those plans, and what they entail. Many homeowners seek architects to design their new space, and some homeowners even design their remodel for themselves. At this point, it’s crucial to discuss and go through the details of your plans with your chosen contractor.

Architect plans and building blueprints can be notoriously difficult to understand for the uninitiated. A friendly and relatable contractor can look over your plans and advise you as to the suitability of the plans for your space, and also give you an idea of the investment range involved to bring your plans to life. Many remodeling clients are surprised when they hear the projected cost of their remodel based on the plans from the architect. Working with an experienced contractor helps you to understand the plans better and to know the investment required before you build, so you always know exactly what you’re getting.

3D Modelling

When it comes to knowing what you’re getting, nothing beats 3D modelling to truly brings the plans for your home to life. When you work with a design build contractor, there’s no need to negotiate between architect and contractor, which saves you time and hassle. It’s even better if your design build contractor can provide 3D modelling to give you a realistic experience of what your remodel will look like, in a form you can readily understand.

Remodeling With Confidence

3D drawings help you and your contractor streamline the process, as you know exactly what you are getting before any construction starts. You can see a 3D photo of the new space which includes details of the colors, styles, and accessories as it you’ve already built it. 3D modelling also allows for a much more accurate estimate of the cost involved, so you can enjoy the remodel process being assured that your project fits into your ideal investment range.

Choosing an experienced design build contractor with the capability to produce 3D modelling for your future remodel provides the greatest opportunity for bringing your remodel dreams to life.

Gordon Reese Design Build is excited to announce that they have received the NARI Award for Contractor of the Year for 2016 in recognition of excellence in building and remodeling home interiors.