The next phase of your remodeling project is often one of the homeowners’ favorite stages – where you get to choose the custom fittings, fixtures and finishes that will adorn your remodel addition. Developing clear and accurate plans for your remodel, and seeing what the finished product will look like through effective 3D Modeling, the vision for your future home is finally starting to take shape.

Choosing the fixtures and finishes for your home is an exciting time because you are beginning to add those finer details to your home. While many end up choosing their fixtures and fittings as they are needed, it’s much better to be prepared in advance when it comes to this important stage so that you end up getting the finish and result you really want.

Plan It Out

Whether you are undertaking a simple room addition or undergoing a complete house remodeling, the process of making decisions about all your trims, fitting, colorings and fixtures at this stage is none the less overwhelming.

If you work with Gordon Reese Design Build, we guide you through every step of this process, helping you to make decisions on everything, including where the electrical outlets, lights, and light switches will be. We develop full permit-ready, construction plans that are yours to keep. So we take the headache out of developing the plan.

However, if you want to pull this together on your own, the best way to start is by making a separate list or each room of the home that you are remodeling, and group the necessary fittings and fixtures by room. You also want to be able to view these lists side by side if you can, so having physical copies on paper at some point in the planning process is useful too.

Start Small and Work Up

Although it’s tempting to put your big ticket items and feature pieces that you want at the top of the list, actually starting with the less obvious things first helps to build a more realistic picture of what your finished home addition will look like.

In fact, the job of sorting out the practical side of fittings for your home is not small at all. Start with working on wiring and electrical, along with the plumbing side of things, if you haven’t already looked at that.

Next, tackle the ‘shell’ features of your room, the flooring, the paint colors, the trim, and the windows and doors.

By this point you will have a good perspective on the layout of your room, and other important design aspects such as color scheme, textures and tones, and natural lighting.

Now it’s time to choose those feature items. Pick your cabinets and countertops, light fixtures, kitchen and bath fixtures, and finally appliances.

Review and Adjust

Now that you have the full picture of what your finished rooms will look like, it’s important to review these choices for yourself, and discuss them with your home contractor. It’s critical at this point to evaluate if your choices adequately fit your needs and style, whether they are within your investment range, and whether your remodel contractor agrees they are the best choices for your space.

Planning the choices for the fixtures and fittings in your remodel well ahead of time gives you the chance to be creative and come up with different ideas even if you need to adjust your original plans. Working side by side with a knowledgeable and experience contractor always ensures you get the best results for you and your home, without the timeline for your project being delayed.