So, you have decided to remodel your kitchen. Congrats! You are taking a big and exciting step towards making the home of your dreams a reality. Remodeling your kitchen is a significant decision and one that you should not take lightly, however. After all, you use your kitchen almost every single day, so you might be feeling the pressure to decide exactly what you need to withstand your growing family and the ages. There seem to be so many trendy kitchen designs to choose from–it can absolutely be overwhelming! Luckily, we’ve compiled some popular kitchen design styles that can jumpstart your imagination for your kitchen remodel.

All White: A Timeless Look

White kitchens are unlikely to ever go out of style. They are elegant, modern, clean, and can brighten a dark home. A white kitchen can also provide a tidy and minimalist look to your room if you wish to go for it. White fixtures and features also improve lightness and airiness to the kitchen and adjacent rooms. Pair some white cabinetry with a bold granite countertop or a natural stone sink, and your kitchen will have a uniquely classic look. The all-white kitchen is a very sought-after style that will stand the test of time and is always a safe choice for those looking to transform their home.

A Modern Look

While an all-white kitchen will likely never go out of style, there are plenty of new design trends that can make you equally as happy in 2021. We are seeing an increase in sales of glass cabinets and opening shelves in response to the growing demand for kitchens that need to look more modern. Fashion accessories to this kitchen style include reclaimed materials, plants, hanging art, and vibrant colors in cabinets and appliances. If an all-white kitchen is a timeless look, an eclectic kitchen is certainly its modern counterpart. Elegant and streamlined yet full of character, modern kitchens combine elements of modern and traditional styles. 

Earthy or Elegant Farm-Style

The farm-style has gained popularity in the past several years. This look includes shiplap, a farm-style sink, dark fixtures (typically black or dark brown against white), and subway tiling. Like the all-white choice, the earthy farm style is also timeless and elegant. Materials such as wood and stone give your kitchen an earthy look and help to keep the space grounded. The farm-style look is simple with thoughtful details, whatever can tie the space together and give you that comfy, cozy feel is best paired with this look. Other neutral colors such as beige, taupe, black, or gray will go with everything and are proven to withstand the ages.

We Are Here to Help

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