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What is 3D Design?

When it comes to home remodeling, it’s common knowledge that blueprint design plans are a long and drawn-out process. Thankfully, the speed and ease of cutting-edge 3D technology can produce fast and reliable results to model your finished dream space ahead of time. Here’s a better look at 3D design.

Why is 3D Modeling Important?

Before any home remodeling can happen in physical terms, visualizing how the finished rooms will look is important. This aspect of 3D design allows home owners to make design decisions with more confidence.. To clear things up, a 3D modeling program is more than a traditional blueprint. In fact, it allows your remodeling team to view more intricate, accurate, and defined project details, such as angles in the completed space after wall removal and particular finishes on any surfaces.

Will 3D Modeling Make a Difference?

Not only is 3D design an advantage in visualizing the finished space, but it’s also more efficient than traditional design methods. Contractors can now present designs and other project plans to homeowners in a shorter amount of time with increasingly more detail. This is a much better approach to home remodeling, as compared to outdated methods that only used a limited, 2-dimensional concept.

There’s nothing wrong with 2D, but incorporating advanced computer programs can quickly transform your desired dream space into a 3D rendering, offering many more possibilities. The world we live in now is high-tech, so why can’t your remodel be high-tech too? Rooms can take on a completely new look, so it’s often possible to maximize space in ways you previously hadn’t realized were possible.

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How Does 3D Modeling Work?

Just like in the Matrix movies, 3D animation programs often store thousands of objects and shapes that are called stock assets. For architectural programs like Chief Architect, these assets include hundreds of home styles through the use of digital 3D blueprints. Your home can be recreated from these stock samples based on your home’s design, including any previous renovations done to your home.

What are the Benefits of 3D Modeling?

In terms of drafting your remodeling project more efficiently, 3D modeling offers something that 2D traditional design isn’t capable of. You can take a 3D tour of your home after the desired remodel, walking virtually through your house with each room reflecting your choices of the exact lighting and color rendering for your new space. With 3D design, adjustments can be made to streamline the finished look to your exact specifications. Every little change can then be tweaked and perfected before construction ever starts on your house, making the entire process more streamline with fewer changes to your plan and fewer mistakes to fix along the way.

The 3D design process also improves communication between the client and the design-build contractor. Both parties can brainstorm ideas using 3D models, and accurately visualize how the end result will look.

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3D Home Remodel Projects

Although this innovation is a real game-changer in the home remodeling process, it’s oftentimes not feasible to make a 3D model of your dream space on your own. It’s best to work with a design-build company that can bring your vision to life, one that uses this fascinating 3D technology to bring your desired remodel into the digital world. Gordon Reese Design Build is an innovative design and remodeling company that uses the most advanced 3D design approach for remodeling projects. Are you ready to get started? Don’t hesitate to call us at 925.261.7257 today!

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Top 5 Benefits of Using a 3D Design Contractor for Your Home Remodel