In our part 2 of our posts on Unusual Tips to Help You Save Money on Your Remodel Project, we look at the smart ways you can save money on your bathroom remodel project, your kitchen renovation or even your whole house remodel. Saving money on a home remodel should never be about cutting corners, poor quality materials, or inexperienced contractors. Here we look at the 5 more of the right ways to save money on your remodel, without forsaking quality or appearance.

  1. Choose A Contractor Who Can Effectively Manage Dirt and Dust During the Remodel

Copious amounts of dirt and dust are unfortunately a normal consequence of remodeling a home. A dirty and dusty environment is not only unsightly, but can also cost you a lot in time and resources to clean up and become a hazard to health. By choosing a high quality design build contractor who uses dust management technologies to reduce the production of dust and dirt, you can save time on your cleanup and prevent the frustration of a dust covered home. This is vital to those homeowners still living in their home during a remodel.

  1. Know and Understand Your Remodeling Schedule

While remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is a smaller project that can usually be completed in a shorter timeframe, larger projects such as a whole house remodel may need longer term and more flexible schedules. Nevertheless, planning before you start your remodel and talking your schedule through with the contractor helps you stay on track. Here at Gordon Reese Design Build, we use an online project management system which allows you to track your schedule, view progressive photos, updated invoices and payments, and product selections. Stick to the schedule wherever possible and avoid last minute change orders. When you are on track with your schedule there is less extra expenditure for rent (if you have moved out for the remodel) and for the contractor’s time.

8.Create a Clear Vision For The Look and Feel of your New Space Before the Remodel Starts

Having a clear picture of what you would like to achieve in your home remodel is crucial to creating the most efficient and cost effective remodel process. Using 3D Design for home remodels is especially effective at creating an image of what your home will look like before you make major changes. This helps to avoid ending up with an undesired result or needing last minute change orders, which can be expensive. You always want to avoid a situation where you spend thousands removing a wall, only to find you don’t like the final result. 3D drawings can also speed up the permit process! We have found that most city planners prefer 3D drawings over 2D which can lead to faster approval – saving you time and money!

  1. Maximize the Functionality of the Space You Have

With the cost of real estate soaring, particularly in the Bay Area, it’s important to maximize the functionality and utility in your home, in order to make the best use of the space you have. Designing fully functional spaces using less area is becoming the norm, so choose a contractor who is experienced and skillful in creating highly efficient and streamlined spaces to get the best value for your remodel investment.

  1. Incorporate Water Saving Facilities

Water costs are rising, and the continuation of drought means that water availability is decreasing. Because of this every homeowner should consider incorporating water saving fittings and appliances in their home remodel. If you have a garden you would like to keep healthy and green, even in times of drought, consider adding a graywater irrigation system to help recycle minimally used water from the kitchen and the bathroom to water the garden.

With these tips to save money on your home remodel without sacrificing quality and functionality, you can get the best results for the investment in your remodel.