Finding the right contractor for your remodel job can be a challenge when you are looking for the highest quality result. Even relying on reviews, testimonials, accreditation, and word of mouth can’t guarantee that your final remodel result will be one you will love. One of the greatest concerns that many homeowners have is, “What if I don’t like the remodel once it’s finished?” Using traditional architectural designs and remodel plans, it can be hard to work out in advance what the remodel will look like. This is where 3D design revolutionizes the remodeling process: by giving you a realistically rendered, walk-through look at your remodel before it’s even built. Here we look at some of the greatest benefits of choosing a contractor who uses 3D design.


A Realistic View Of Your Future Remodel

Construction blueprints and remodel design drawings often don’t make any sense to those of us who are inexperienced with construction. This can make it hard to picture what the final remodel result will look like. 3D design, on the other hand, creates an image of your remodel that anyone can instantly recognize and evaluate. It turns your remodel plans into a realistic rendering that allows you to see just what the remodel will look like once completed with the use of computer technology and graphics to provide a true-to-life representation of your remodel plans. You can view any room on your new remodel in 3D, and view those rooms from a number of angles. It can even provide a realistic rendering of the materials and finishes you plan to use in your remodel.

More Efficient and Accurate Design

Mistakes and revisions on remodel plans are costly and can delay project completion dates. 3D design ensures that your designer or design build contractor can plan your remodel more accurately and efficiently according to your wishes. 3D images of your remodel can also help speed up the permit process, ensuring that your project starts on schedule with no further delays from the city or county. Because 3D remodel design can help you understand your plans quickly and easily, you can save time expressing your design vision. Seeing and experiencing your design in 3D makes communication between you and your designer easier, for more precise results. Avoid mistakes and last minute changes by seeing your remodel in stunning 3D while still in the design stage.

See Your Options in Action

Not exactly sure which color stain you want on your hardwood floors? Want to explore different room design options? 3D design for remodels can help you get an inside look at what different options and choices will look like in your remodel. Unlike traditional design, 3D design software makes it easy to quickly alter your design to explore different layouts and finishes. Rather than feeling locked down to the limited options that traditional design offers, choosing a design build contractor who offers 3D design will allow you to see all of your varied and diverse design options.

Fewer Changes During Construction

With traditional design, change orders are almost inevitable as unexpected alterations, modifications and change of plans occur. Using 3D design reduces the chance of unexpected changes, which makes your remodel more efficient. This is turn helps to conserve valuable time and resources. Most homeowners want to know what’s in store when they start a remodel project before it begins. 3D remodel design allows you to most accurately plan your remodel design and investment, with fewer revisions and changes.

3D design can make your remodel process more efficient, comfortable, and stress-free, allowing you to achieve the goal of your ideal remodel sooner. To learn what your remodel ideas would look like in realistic 3D rendering, contact our expert design build team about 3D design for your remodel.

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