Design and Construction Week 2015 came and went in early 2015, as builders, designers, manufacturers and media professionals gathered to share their latest and greatest home remodeling trends in Las Vegas. This show is designed to bring several powerhouses together to “drive the possibilities of home, forward.”

Gordon B. Reese III and Jeffrey R. Rexford were among the 125,000+ attendees. They attended the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) – the world’s largest international trade event dedicated to the kitchen and bath industry, and National Association of Home Builders International Builders’ Show  (IBS). They learned many industry topics ranging from sales and marketing to design to remodeling. They  saw the latest products and most innovative design ideas that change the industry to meet the needs of the customers – you. They arrived back in California with new design features, and the latest, greatest knowledge to share with you as you create your 3D design, and complete your remodel.

So what’s hot in gadgets in 2015? One thing is clear – clean lines, sleek looks and exciting new features of so many products – are here to serve the aging population.

It’s not a surprise. With an expected 72 million elderly people on the planet by 2030 according to (only a mere 15 years away), Universal Design features are arriving in abundance. These easy to operate gadgets offer convenience, practicality and style for people of all ages and abilities.

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Here are just a couple that provide a WOW factor (click on the links to learn more about each product) :

  • Walk into the room, and the Haiku fan senses that you’re there. It turns on when you enter, and off when you leave. This beautiful, contemporary hands-free fan monitors your room’s temperature and humidity, adjusting fan speed when conditions change. It learns your preferences and then adjusts its operation.
  • Need a mobile phone charge? You can now charge your phone on ANY surface by installing TechTop counter top. Just place your phone on the charging station and enjoy wireless charging. No more different chargers, no more damaged cords, and no more cluttered cables. Easy for anyone of any ability, and energy conscious too.
  • Make that morning cup of java with your smart phone! Or your tablet if you prefer. The TopBrewer brews your favorite coffee or beverage – cafe latte, coffee, cappuccino – using freshly ground coffee beans. Weather hot outside? It can whip together a cold drink too – cold milk anyone? The product adapts to your needs and takes up very little counter space. It’s sleek and contemporary too.
  • Avoid slips, trips and falls with the new SnapRays Guidelight. It looks like an ordinary electrical outlet plate cover. But it’s not. The unit has built-in sensors that turn the LED lights on when its dark and off when its light. It’s attractive, a cinch to install, leaves both outlets open, and very energy efficient.

Next week, I’ll blog about how a little shade can go a long way to protect you during the warmest months of the year.