In our last blog, we looked at some of the most common reasons homeowners choose to remodel their homes. There may be many different prompts for the realization that you need to remodel. Here we continue with another 4 of the top reasons homeowners give for remodeling a home.


Out of date features, crowded living areas and aging finishes and fixtures can be a source of embarrassment to home owners. An old home may also cause you to look out of place on your street if your neighbors have already remodeled and updated their homes.

Whether you’re frequently entertaining friends and family or trying to ‘keep up with the Joneses’, a home in desperate need of remodeling can be an embarrassment for homeowners. Remodeling your home can bring much-needed updates that not only improve your home’s standards and boost your quality of living but also become a source of pride rather than shame. With a freshly remodeled home, you’ll have no fear of entertaining or being subject to the neighbor’s scrutiny.


Got Remodel? Top 8 Reasons People Want to Remodel Their Homes: Part 2Safety is a major priority when it comes to remodeling a home. Older homes may have old or unsafe features that need replacement over time. Old electrics, worn-out plumbing or gas pipes, and loose tiles, bricks or structural elements can become a hazard. Your remodel contractor can help you identify outdated and unsafe components of your home, and suggest new replacements and appropriate upgrades.

Additionally, you or a previous owner of the home may have had unlicensed and unpermitted work done on the house. This work needs to be replaced and remodeled with licensed and permitted work as soon as possible, for safety and legal reasons. Contact your local permitting authority or a licensed contractor to help you correct and replace unlicensed work.

Broken Promise

You may have made a promise to yourself, your partner, your friends or your kids. The great remodel project or idea you’ve had in the pipeline for years. Now you’re feeling the responsibility and weight of that remodel promise you haven’t been able to fulfill yet. Whether it’s removing walls and freeing space for open plan living, adding a much-needed bedroom or bathroom, or remodeling an old kitchen, keeping your remodel promises can not only help you feel accomplishes and less stressed, but makes your home feel more comfortable, and look better too.

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Got Remodel? Top 8 Reasons People Want to Remodel Their Homes: Part 2Small, cramped spaces and inadequate bedrooms and bathrooms mean that your family and housemates probably don’t have the privacy they want. As children grow older, they particularly crave their own space and privacy. It can also be awkward to host guests without adequate guest facilities such as a guest bathroom or guest bedroom.

Remodeling for additional bedrooms and bathrooms can provide all the members of your family, and your guests the space they need to feel comfortable and at home.

Whatever your reason for remodeling, a professional design build contractor can help make your dream home a reality. Talk to your local contractor about your reasons for remodeling and develop a plan together to address your needs while creating the ideal new space you’ll love to call home.