The process of designing and remodeling your home to meet a vision you may have held for a long time is one of the most exciting aspects of creating your dream space. However, like many homeowners, you may be dreading the process of undergoing and completing the remodel.

You may be wondering exactly how long the home remodeling process will take. There are many steps to the process, and each can take a varying length of time, depending on your home’s unique situation and the requirements you have for your remodel. Evaluating these steps can help you estimate the length of your remodel process.

Step 1: Analysis and Preparation

The first step in any home remodel is preparation.  This involves developing your plans and design, finding the right design-build firm to complete the remodel, and getting familiar with the staff that will be working on your project. This stage also involves an analysis of your current home and brainstorming about what you want to be done. This part of the process can move fast, depending on how quickly you choose your remodeling team.This stage also involves an analysis of your current home and brainstorming about what you want to be done. Give yourself about 2-3 weeks for this phase.

Step 2: Design and Deliberation

How Long Will it Take to Remodel My Home?As you move from preparation to design decisions and selections, this part of the process can take longer. It varies based on how quickly you can look at all your options and decide on exactly what you want for your final design. Depending on the part of your home that you wish to remodel, you may be making design decisions related to layout, paint colors, tiling, fixtures, and flooring. Choosing a design-build contractor that offers 3D design for home remodels means you can experience visual renderings and real-time experience of your new home. It is crucial to use the assistance of a designer to assist with appropriate selections which will save time and money.  This speeds up the design process and diminishes the chance of changes and delays so your remodel can progress faster.

This part of the process can move efficiently depending on the team and process you choose. Design-build, for example, manages a design team that not only develops the design, engineering, and product selections but also keeps track of construction costs at the same time. Without an excellent design-build approach a beautiful design will be created but may not be able to be built due to excessive costs. Now you are faced with redesign costs and added time. For a kitchen or bathroom remodel the design process and permit acquisition will take 2 – 3 months, longer for larger projects.

Step 3: Demolition

Before your home remodel company can start constructing new components, they must tear out the old ones. This can be an unpleasant process for the homeowners as there may be lots of noise and debris. If you plan on living in your home during construction be sure you get a detailed living remodeling plan – how the home will remain livable, what air filtrations systems will be employed, etc. While some homeowners wish to stay at home during the remodel, it can be safer, cost-effective, more convenient and more expedient to move out during the remodel.  The remodeling process can take an exponentially less amount of time and money if the homeowner is not living in the home during the remodel. Demolition can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the remodeling project.

Step 4: Construction

The construction phase is where your project comes to life. The timing of this depends on how much of your home you’re remodeling, and how many changes or disruptions there are to the design-build process. You should have a detailed schedule outlining all the stages of construction. New construction of the remodel usually takes anywhere from several weeks for remodeling a single room, to several months or a year for a whole house remodel.

Step 5: Completion and Clean-Up

How Long Will it Take to Remodel My Home?The processes of demolition and construction are usually the longest aspects of the remodeling time. As the process wraps up, your design-build firm will be putting on the finishing touches and design features, including light fixtures, crown molding, and cabinet hardware. Then, the design-build team will set to work cleaning up any messes made in the process of destruction and construction, so your house can feel fresh and new. A professional cleaning service is part of a good living remodeling plan.

When you select a design-build firm, look for a team that will provide you with a clear view of what to expect, including the timeline, design and cleanup process. If you have specific time constraints, you are working under (such as the addition of a new family member) let your contractor know so that they can work towards your deadlines. It’s also important to always choose a qualified and certified design-build firm, who is reliable and sticks to timeframes so that you can move into your new home according to schedule.