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Should I Choose a Contractor with an In-House Crew or One That Hires Out to Subcontractors?

The contractor you choose for your home remodel is the professional you will work closely with throughout your project.

It’s important to understand how your contractor will work on your home and who they’re likely to bring into your space. While you may speak with just one head contractor when planning your project, your contractor is likely to bring in a team of other subcontractors to complete the work required. Here we look at whether you should choose a contractor who works with their own team or a contractor who outsources to subcontractors.

How the Remodel Process Works

In most cases, the person you will speak to when hiring a contractor or a contractor team is the head contractor or general contractor. The general contractor has the task of overseeing your entire project including either coordinating their team or arranging subcontractors to complete necessary work. To complete a project quickly and efficiently the head contractor will often bring in a team of other building contractors or hire subcontractors to help them complete the building work. Most contractors outsource plumbing and electrical tasks to professional subcontractors although they have their own team.

In-House Crew

When your general contractor has an in-house crew, their regular team of contractors and carpenters helps them complete the building work at your home. These contractors usually work together to complete a project and are familiar with the style and quality needed by the general contractor.

Drywall Installers


  • A familiar team works well together for a more efficient, cohesive result.
  • No risk of unforeseen costs and additional charges.
  • You know your general contractor is familiar with everyone on the site and trusts them.
  • All workers are paid a fair wage, covered by insurance and workers compensation.
  • Warm personal approach with a tight-knit crew who will work well together to complete your project.
  • A targeted approach that considers your unique concerns for custom or specialized work.
  • You know exactly who is on your site at any time.

Hiring Out Subcontractors

Whether it’s just the electrician or the plumber, or the entire building team, many general contractors must hire subcontractors at some point. Larger building corporations achieve professionalism and efficiency by outsourcing all their building work to subcontractors to ensure a job can be completed as quickly and smoothly as possible.


  • Hiring out to subcontractors means you don’t have to wait for a specialized crew to be finished with their other projects before they start on yours.
  • The team of subcontractors can be assembled quickly and composed of professionals who will be able to complete your projects more efficiently.
  • May be more cost-effective depending on the charges made by the subcontractors.
  • You will need to check for each individual subcontractors licensing and insurance.
  • Hiring subcontractors are the simplest and quickest way to get a large project completed.
  • A good general contractor will have a talent pool of quality subcontractors to call for your work.
  • Subcontractors may make changes or add additional charges that you might not anticipate.

Choosing the right team for your home remodel means weighing the benefits and your needs. Talk to your local professional remodeling contractor to learn more about your options and to establish which option is best for you.

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