So, you’re taking the plunge. You’ve decided to go through with a home remodeling to kick off the new year. You’ve probably seen all those remodeling-gone-wrong stories on TV, but you’re undeterred and committed to pushing through. There’s a lot of excitement for your new home, and there’s probably a good bit of anxiety in there as well.

Don’t worry; that’s completely normal.

It might be fair to point out that all home remodeling projects – regardless of their size – involve some change in your everyday routine. Therefore, you can expect a fair amount of clutter and a bit of domestic upheaval, which can ultimately lead to stress. However, you shouldn’t let the fear of stress ruin the enthusiasm and simple delight you feel undertaking a project like home remodeling.

Check out these five great tips to keep your stress levels  at a minimum during a home remodeling.


Set Proper Deadlines

5 Planning Tips to Ensure You're Stress-Free During Your Home Remodeling1

One thing to consider during a renovation is the time needed by the contractor to finish a specific project. You and your design-build contractor need to set a milestone for each stage of the remodeling process. This makes it much easier for both of you to check on the progress and make sure everything goes smoothly. It also allows you to estimate a realistic time of completion.

Have Realistic Expectations

Speaking of realistic, you want the “perfect” space – we get it. But not everything you see on television or in magazines can be applied to your home. Instead of focusing on perfection, work with what you’ve got. Do your research on the possible design options for your space and always work within your capacity.

Work with the Right Design-Build Contractor

Finding the right contractor is important to a successful home remodeling project. By working with someone you trust, you won’t need to worry about cleanup, permits, licenses, and so on. A professional who values your trust will take care of all that for you.

Find the Best Time for a Remodel

Ideally, the best time for a home remodel is during the summer. However, this season could also be problematic since a lot of homeowners are planning to schedule their home remodeling and repair projects during that time. Consequently, your contractor could be overworked and overbooked, meaning prices could go up during this time as well.

Instead of lining up your projects in the summer, it’s better to choose off-seasons like spring or autumn, as this can mean better availability for your chosen contractor.

Don’t be Afraid to Take a Break

As a homeowner, you need to be realistic when it comes to materials and budget for home remodeling projects. Although you want to be hands-on in every step of the project, it helps when you let yourself loose every once in a while. Be sure to only focus on what you need to do at the time. Do not worry or obsess over every small aspect of your renovation.

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your home beautifully transform into the dream space you’ve always wanted. Although the process can sometimes become tiring and stressful, all the hard work you’ve put in will be worth it.

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