Does your home need a major facelift? Or do you simply love home remodeling? If you’re one of those homeowners who loves changing things up for the new year, giving your home’s interior a fresh new look is a great way to kick off 2019. It’s fun, practical and it’s a great way to improve room functionality and overall property marketability.

It can also be extremely satisfying seeing the finished product—if it’s done right.

To avoid potential bloopers, we’ve got six great tips to help guide you into pulling off a successful home remodeling project.

Make sure you work well with the contractor


Home remodeling projects take time, so it’s important that you are compatible with your chosen contractor. You need to establish good rapport and open communication in order to foster trust and reliance. As the Contractors State License Board recommends, interview at least 3 companies before you make a decision. This eliminates the risk of potential conflict or resentment down the line.

Have a clear understanding of all the important details

In every home remodeling project, there are a lot of different details that need to be settled first. How will your contractor access your home? What time (or times) will they be working? How will the property be protected? How will the cleanup process be handled?

These are just some examples of important questions that need to be answered upfront.

Cover all bases with a well-written contract

Make sure you have a detailed contract that includes key elements such as materials/products (and their specifications), project timetable, price, payment schedule, lien releases, steps for handling change orders, provisions for conflict resolution, and more. make sure you’re comparing bids based on identical plans, specifications, and scope of work.  If in doubt, have a lawyer or legal aide draw up the terms along with your contractor.

Come up with effective two-way communication with your designated contractor

Communication is key when working with another person on a big project. How you communicate with your remodeler will define how your entire project will turn out. Does the contractor listen to your wants and needs, or do they have a plan of their own? Do they answer your questions clearly? Are you able to reach them whenever you need to? Do they respond to phone calls right away? Will they let you know if they encounter any problem along the way?

Again, just a few big questions that should be answered before the home remodeling even begins.

Set a clear understanding of the project’s schedule

Any huge home remodeling project should follow a proper schedule. You and your remodeler need to agree on a schedule to prevent misunderstandings or conflict later on. It also gives you a feasible goal to stay focused on.

Request for a written proposal

Most of the time, two people remember the same conversation differently. That’s why agreements between two or more parties should be put into writing. Always remember to get the proposal in writing and coordinate with your trusted remodeler to make sure the document reflects all your wishes for a hassle-free remodel.

Hiring the right remodeling professional is crucial for any successful project. While finding a reliable and skilled remodeling expert is not always that easy, following the few simple steps outlined in this article can save you a lot of time and resources. There’s no clear-cut formula to a fail-proof home remodeling project but with the above tips, you are certainly well on your way to the right path.