When it comes to whole house remodeling , there’s one thing almost every homeowner wants to know. “How much will it cost?” The Internet abounds with remodel cost estimators that promise to inform you how much your projected remodel investment will be. Another great example is the Home and Garden Television network, a form of entertainment. The quotes you receive from internet cost estimators are often very inaccurate. The situations found on TV are one in a million. It’s best not to get your hopes up about finding these types of properties. To get a clearer and more accurate idea of the required investment for a remodel project, a more nuanced and informed investigation is needed.


Disadvantages of Remodeling Shows

Home Remodeling Shows – Fact or Fiction?As previously mentioned there are disadvantages to the information found on remodeling shows on TV. While it may be great entertainment, the situations portrayed are far and few between. Many of the properties boasting massive returns on minimal investments are rigorously screened by the network. Taking these situations at face value may lead to disappointment when looking to invest in a new property.

Develop A Clear Working Plan

It’s going to be difficult to get a clear and accurate picture of your remodel investment without having a plan to base it on. In some cases, a contractor might be able to give you an estimate based on your remodel ideas alone. But the more developed and accurate of a building plan you have, the clearer and closer your estimate will be. High-quality contractors like Gordon Reese Design Build use 3D design techniques in order to show you your space before it’s built and give a more accurate sense of investment.

Research Materials and Contractors

The biggest contributors to your remodel investment will be the materials you choose and your contractor. However, that doesn’t mean that you should go for the cheaper option. High-quality materials and an experienced, qualified contractor can actually save you in the long term. Research the materials and fittings you want to include in your home to evaluate more accurate remodel costs. Take your time to carefully choose a licensed and insured contractor who also has varied experience in remodeling a range of different homes. While quality and experience may require a greater investment, a premium contractor can completely revolutionize your remodel in terms of style, quality, and results.

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Get Realistic Quotes From Experienced Contractors

Home Remodeling Shows – Fact or Fiction?An experienced contractor brings a more insightful and detailed approach, which results in a more accurate estimate for you. It’s hard to accurately estimate home remodel costs, even in the simplest of situations. That’s why contractor experience is so important. Choosing a reliable contractor means you get a reliable estimate from the start and avoid large, unforeseen change orders.

Talk About Changes And Modifications

While no homeowner wants last-minute changes and modifications to impact their remodel, it’s always better to be prepared. The estimate provided by high quality and an experienced contractor is less likely to require change orders. However, unforeseen circumstances can arise in the remodeling process. Your remodel schedule may need to be extended or you may need to change design or material at the last minute. Being prepared for this and making some allowances in your estimate helps to improve accuracy and provide a better outcome.

It’s impossible to know precisely the investment required for a home remodel ahead of time on your own. However, preparing clear plans and being well informed with the help of an experienced and qualified contractor can help you get the most accurate estimate for your remodel investment.