According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), there are six (6) basic steps to remodeling. This series will outline what we believe to be the eleven (11) steps to a successful remodel.


Step 1: Dreaming about your project
Step 2: Collecting ideas online and from contractor’s previous jobs
Step 3: Investing in your remodel
Step 4: Finding the right professional
Step 5: Selecting a professional
Step 6: Developing the right design
Step 7: Choose fixtures and finishes
Step 8: Finalizing documents and getting permits
Step 9: Working with a professional
Step 10: Managing the remodel
Step 11: Completing a successful remodel

Over the next few weeks, we’ll look at each of these in detail.




The dream begins with you. You probably have many things you want to do around the house. NARI finds that there are many reasons that a homeowner chooses to remodel.


  • You want to make your home more comfortable and attractive.
  • Your family is expanding, and you need more room.
  • Your home is outdated, and you want to make the style more current.
  • Your home is not functional for your lifestyle.
  • Your home needs to be accessible to all members of your family (i.e., Universal Design)
  • Your home is in need of repair.
  • You want to invest in features in your home that reduce expenses and sustainability, such as solar.


Whatever the reason, only you can create your ideal dream space. Think carefully about what’s missing. Consider what doesn’t work for you, and what features or improvements would solve those challenges. Dream about your life – and the lives of all household members – 5, 10, 20 years from today. What do you see?


  • Family dynamics and how they will change (larger or smaller?).
  • How you want to address changes to your family’s physical capabilities.
  • Your finances and remodeling investment range — and how that will change over time.
  • How will your energy usage change? Your impact on your environment?
  • Natural disasters and how aspects of your remodel could reduce risk to damage.
  • Your neighborhood and comparable property values.
  • Technology and the role it plays in your everyday life, now and 20 years from now.
  • Needs versus wants; wants versus desires.
  • Where to save expenses and where extra investments will pay off over the time.

There are a couple resources that can help you dream, and help you prepare:

  1. – A place to browse and save beautiful home photos from thousands of photos. A place to find the right design and construction professionals. A place to connect with others who have been there too. Learn more …
  2. Cost vs. Value 2016 – This site compares average cost for 30 popular remodeling projects with the value those projects retain at resale in 100 U.S. markets. Check out this year’s trends and how they compare to prior years.

Until the next blog, enjoy dreaming about your new space.